Adolphus Rook








(Father) Avos Rook-(Mother) Racella Rook






188 lbs.


Lawful Evil


Bloodlet throne coven


Adolphus Rook was a male Imperial, in the service of the Bloodlet throne coven. He'd been imprisoned for the crime of necromancy, something outlawed by the Imperial mages guild since the days of Arch-mage Hannibal Traven. His freedom was secured by Salthar Vivarian sometime in 4E 201. Rook served as Lucius Draconus' butler when the Imperial vampire arrived in Cyrodiil under the persona of Damien Pycus.

He assisted the vampire with maintaining his cover, and passing information on to the Bloodlet throne. After the battle of Karthspire, and Salthar Vivarians reported death, Rook fled Cyrodiil, fearing for his life now that he was no longer protected by the vampires. When Salthar returned a year later, Adolphus was in Skyrim, and met him and his brother.

Early Years 4E 156- 4E 186 Edit

Adolphus Rook was born to Avos and Racella Rook in the Imperial city. As a child, Rook was neither strong, nor particularly healthy looking. Because of this he was a clear target for the other children in his neighbourhood. Rook spent most of his youth on his own, shunned or bullied by his peers.

He discovered his magical abilities at the age of seventeen. He was brought into the mages guild, and made an associate. The young Rook spent most of the next year getting recommendations from the guild houses scattered across Cyrodiil. He returned to the Imperial city, and was admitted into the Arcane University. There, he spent his time studying what most appealed to him- the school of Illusion.

By 4E 175, he'd become an adept mage, specializing in Illusion spells. The great war between the Aldmeri dominion and the Empire was over. The Imperial city was still recovering from the war, and much of it never would.

Capture Edit

Adolphus left the city for several years, searching for greater knowledge. He found it, in the form of necromancy. Though Adolphus was fully aware of the punishment for necromancy, he believed he wouldn't be caught.

He set up a lab in one of Cyrodiils abandoned caves, and began experiments. Usually, on bodies from nearby graveyards. He continued his experiments for nearly three decades, until he was capture by a group of Imperial battlemages. He was taken back to the Imperial city, stripped of his rank in the mages guild, and thrown into prison, awaiting execution.

Serving the Bloodlet throne Edit

In 4E 200, shortly before Adolphus' sentence was to be carried out, Salthar Vivarian visited the Imperial city, looking for willing servants. He overheard the guards speaking about Rooks upcoming execution, and discovered the necromancer. Rook swore to serve Salthar in return for his freedom and protection. Salthar secured Rooks freedom, and ordered him to remain in Cyrodiil and to maintain a low profile until he was contacted again.

In 4E 201, on the seventh of Mid Year, Rook was called into service as Lucius Draconus' steward in a manor several leagues from the Imperial city. Draconus was posing as the estranged son of the late lord Darmus Pycus. Rook was in charge of four servants, though only he knew Lucius' true identity, which he kept to himself. He assisted Lucius with setting up communications with the Bloodlet throne, and searching for parties or events where important Imperial nobles were attending.

When the Argonian Weeros Norfareth approached Lucius and attempted to expose him, Rook helped keep the Imperial vampires identity and purpose in Cyrodiil secret. When Lucius finally returned to Skyrim on the twentieth of Hearthfire, Adolphus remained behind. After news of Salthar Vivarians defeat reached him, he went into hiding.

However, he refused to believe the Altmer vampire was dead, and set about seeking him out. He came across Salthar shortly after he'd returned from the Somerset Isles. On Salthars orders, he chartered a ship to Solitude, in Skyrim. He traveled with Salthar and Vengar to the Bloodlet throne. When Salthar expressed disappointment in the assembled vampires, Rook tentatively reminded the Altmer that he had searched for his. This prompted Salthar to reply that he'd returned out of fear for his own well being, not loyalty to Salthar. Despite this, Adolphus Rook continued to serve the coven.

Personality and traits Edit

Adolphus Rook was not a brave man, nor was he particularly noble or compassionate. He was loyal to the Bloodlet throne coven, though more out of fear of what the vampires, or Imperial mages guild would do to him if he betrayed the coven. He was described by Lucius Draconus as an overly friendly man, always eager to serve.

Adolphus took advantage of an opportunity as often as he could, though he was careful to weigh the risks and rewards first. He preferred to run or deceive his enemies, rather than stand and fight. However, he wouldn't hesitate to strike a foe whose back was turned to him.Despite his lack of compassion, he lacked the stomach to do his own killing. This lead to him being captured by the Empire, when he was searching for fresh corpses.

Abilities Edit

Illusion- Rook was a skilled illusionist, and had mastered the paralysis spell, being able to keep foes immobilized for nearly a minute.

Necromancy- Rook was a capable necromancer, and could easily raise a little over a dozen revenants, no small feat for a mortal necromancer.

Physical appearance Edit

He had skin that 'seemed to hang off his bones' with dull, black eyes, and grey, greasy hair, most of it long. His nose was crooked, indicating it had been broken multiple times. Possibly from his capture or stay in prison. Despite this, he was in good health, had well maintained teeth, and managed to keep himself appareled in the clothes of lower nobility or at least middle class.