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Welcome to the After Skyrim WikiEdit

The Elder Scrolls belongs to Bethesda. We don't have any claim on the world of Tamriel. In addition- Any of the pictures currently on the wiki do NOT belong to me. All credit goes to their respective artists. However, the characters included on this wiki belong to Madrar, unless stated otherwise. All of these characters are connected to the Origin trilogy. That means that quite a few contain spoilers ranging from minor to major. You have been warned. Unfortunately, pictures for the character avatars have not been made available. This will change as portraits become available.

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Infobox Templates (behind the scenes work)
    created by Madrar23
    New page: This will be where the infobox templates for characters, events, factions and locations are kept. Anyone looking to create their own page where an...
  • discussion page Talk:The Bloodlet Throne Coven
    new comment by Madrar23
    Comment: A fan faction. Not in the game. This wiki is formed around a series of fanfics, not the game itself. 
  • discussion page Talk:The Bloodlet Throne Coven
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: Okay, I played skyrim, cleared out Bloodlet throne, but what is that, exactly? I never heard of anything like it in skyrim, and this is confusing me,...
  • edit Phaerax
    edited by Madrar23 diff
  • edit Talons
    edited by Madrar23 diff
  • new page Talons
    created by Madrar23
    New page: The Talons were a group of assassins and mercenaries, known for their skill and brutality. They operated throughout Talons Founded 4E 155 ...
  • new page Phaerax
    created by Madrar23
    New page: Phaerax is one might consider an anomaly. A minor Daedra, though still much more powerful than the lesser variations. She is in a constant struggle...
  • edit Maledictors
    edited by Madrar23 diff
  • new page Maledictors
    created by Madrar23
    New page: The Maledictors were an order of knights, known for their serious demeanor and brutal tactics in battle.  Maledictors Founded 3E 403 ...
  • edit Inquisitorius Vampirum
    edited by Madrar23 diff
    Summary: History:

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