They are among the longest lived mortals in Skyrim, often living up to several hundred years, although in some cases, they may live up to a thousand. They have strong ties to Magnus, the god of Magic, which makes them as a whole, superior spell casters to all other races. They are often tall and lean, with light golden hued skin.Their proficiency with magic also makes them arrogant, although not all Altmer are like this. There home is the Somerset Isles, or Alinor.


The Altmer are one of the oldest races on Tamriel, and are the descendants of the first Mer to ever live on the continent.Their name, Altmer translates from elven to be:The High Ones, or Cultured Ones. They are the most civilized and cultured race on Tamriel, and many human scholars cannot argue.They live on the island(s) of Somerset Isle, in the Abacean sea. The Isles served as the official head of the Aldmeri Empire in Tamriel, well into the First Era. Other elves accepted the Altmer as their own rulers until the founding of the Comoran Dynasty in Valenwood at the start of the First Era. However, Altmer influence is still felt across Tamriel, and it served as a base forthe first Empire.



Somerset Isles (Alinor)

Life Expectancy

500-700 years, sometimes longer


Much taller than most humanoids, 6-7 feet tall on average


Lighter than most humanoids due to their extraordinary height. Usually between 100-140 LB.

Skin Color

Usually a light gold color, unless they are vampires in which case a much lighter colouring is noticeable.

Eye Color

From wild green to gold/yellow

Hair Colour

From light blonde to black, gets' silver and white with age.


Phynaster Magnus The other s of the nine divines except Talos.


Like most other things on Tamriel, the Aldmeri Religion formed

the base of most non-Aldmeri religion on the continent.

The Altmer Pantheon Consists of the Nine Divines that

co-operated to form Nirn, the mortal plane. Primarily, they

worship those Aedra that were able to remove themselves from

the creation process, with a few exceptions. Stendarr and Mara

who were part of the creation process until it was finished were severely

weakened. In practice, the Altmer worshipped Trinimac, the patron

deity of the Elves until his dissapearance. They also worship Phynaster, the patron god of Somerset Isles, and Magnus, the source of magic on Nirn. On a side note,they acknowledge the divinity of Lorkhan, the god of humans.


Tallest of the Humanoid races, often topping six feet. They tower over most humans, and even other elves. Their skin is often a gold-tan colour, paler than the elves of Vvardenfell, and darker than the skin of Nords and Imperials. They are slender and have ,ointed ears,typical of all elves, and almond shaped eyes. They are of a lighter build than humans, and are usually not as strong physically. They excell at magic, being quite possibly more adept at magic than the Bretons. Unfortunately, they are also more susceptible to magical attacks, due to their ties to Magnus. Altmer are also heavily resistant to diseases, due to their selective breeding, and fall just under Argonians in categories of disease resistance.

Notable Altmer

Altare Lorduin

Ancano Aladare

Calatar Lindon

Virani Vivarian

Salthar Vivarian

Vengar Vivarian.