Altus Kathalon


Swordsman/ commanding officer










180 lbs.


Orderly Good


The Empire

Altus Kathalon was a Breton general in the Empire. He lead the Imperial fifth legion. He fought against rebels in High Rock, early in his military career, and forged quite a name for himself. Later, during the Skyrim civil war, he reinforced general Tullius' legions. He was a major leader in the alliance that fought against the vampires in 4E 201, and remained in the province for several months after the Bloodlet throne coven was defeated.

He was later assassinated in his offices at an Imperial fort, and replaced by his good friend, the battlemage Lillian Genevar. He had no children that he knew of, though after his death, a statue was erected in his memory, in the city of Cheydinhal, his hometown.

Early Years 4E 142 - 4E 160 Edit

Altus Kathalon was born in the Imperial city of Cheydinhal, to a pair of Bretons. His father was an Imperial commander, based nearby.. He was raised to respect the rules and traditions of the Imperials, and the Bretons. So, at a young age, he was instilled with a sense of duty to his homeland, and his people. For much of his childhood, he studied famous Imperial and Breton battles, and, like most boys his age, enjoyed fencing with wooden swords.

Kathalon joined the Imperial legion when he was eighteen years of age, much to the delight of both his parents. He spent several months training at fort Cedrian. Upon completion of his training, Kathalon was assigned to the homeland of his parents- High Rock. For most of his time in the province, the Empire was at peace. However several years into his stationing in High Rock, native rebels began stirring up dissent against the Imperial presence.

He and his fellow Imperials were forced to fight Breton rebels throughout the southern reaches of the province. For Altus, this was particularly troubling, as he was reluctant to fight his own people. However, his earlier life lessons had taught him absolute loyalty to the Empire. And so, he fought the rebels in a drawn out campaign. He was promoted twice during the campaign, and survived through to its end.