Assault on the Thalmor Embassy

Attacking Forces

Stormcloak Rebels

Defending Forces


Shadow Fang Coven

Attacking Commander(s)

Istar Cairn-Breaker

Defending Commander(s)



Salthar Vivarian

Attacking Casualties

Eighty Stormcloaks soldiers

Defending Casualties

Dozens of Thalmor forces. Several vampires Rulindil


Embassy falls to rebel forces. Majority of Emissaries evacuated to a ship bound for Alinor.

After Ulfrics coronation to High King of Skyrim in 4E 202, he ordered the assault on the Embassy, in order to remove the last of the Thalmor from Skyrim, and create an all-Nord, kingdom.Istar Cairn-Breaker lead the assault, planning on storming the embassy, killing the emissaries and destroying the building.

However, Salthar Vivarian caught wind of the Stormcloak plans and lead his coven in the embassies defence.The vampires ambushed the Stormcloak forces immediately after they began their attack on the embassy.