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Salthar Vivarian






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Lawful Evil


Bloodlet Throne Coven

Caiden Sorius was an Imperial vampire, and member of the Bloodlet Throne Coven. He was originally a sword for hire, but joined the coven soon after its foundation. It's possible he recruited Marcus Threnial to the Coven, though Threnial was too badly wounded to remember exactly who his sire was. Sorius also turned the near-death Iliria Vale, and served as her mentor until his death.

He was assigned to the Rift, hunting and eliminating bandits in the area. There, he also came across Iliria Vale, and recruited her to the Coven. He was killed in an ambush by a large group of organized bandits.

The Coven Edit

Though he never rose to a high rank within the Coven, Caiden Sorius was one of the first to join them. He was turned by Salthar Vivarian, though he never brought the point up, unless asked directly. Unlike most vampires during the early months of the Bloodlet Throne Coven, Caiden didn't spend much time in the fortress itself, nor was he assigned to infiltrate one of the cities of Skyrim.

Instead, he was sent to the Rift, where the bandit presence had grown to surprising levels. In most instances, the bandits outnumbered and overwhelmed guards assigned to patrol the hold. Salthar had plans to eventually conquer the Rift, and wanted the bandit groups weakened beforehand. Caiden successfully weakened the bandits, though, since he worked alone, the outlaws began dedicating forces to hunting him down and killing him. However, he managed to either outsmart or outfight any bandits he came across.

Mentor and death Edit

Late during his assignment to the Rift, he came across the dying assassin, nearly insane, Iliria Vale. Taking pity on her, he turned the Dunmer and recruited her to the Coven. He brought her back to the Bloodlet throne, to have her assigned a task. Duros Kaast, among others, were concerned by her mental state, and wanted her destroyed. However, Caiden offered to mentor the woman, and lord Vivarian agreed, sending the pair of them back to the Rift.

For several weeks, the pair worked together to eliminate bandit groups. During this time, Ilirias' mind seemed to heal. Later, they came across a group of powerful bandits, who were determined to end the vampire threat. Caiden was killed, and Iliria slipped back into insanity. He would be avenged by his student, later the same month.

Personality and traits Edit

Caiden Sorius, though a former mercenary, believed strongly in compassion, and mercy, as was shown when he spared a young, inexperienced bandit. He was also fairly humble, not boasting about his accomplishments. He was loyal to the Coven, carrying out his orders, even if it put him in danger. He never complained about his luck, despite the fact he was almost always outnumbered.

Abilities Edit

Chill- Mortals near Caiden felt an unnatural chill

Quell- Caiden could diminish or outright extinguish most flames

Swordsmanship- Caiden preferred a straightforwards technique, able to cut apart most of his companions. And despite the fact he wielded a greatsword, he could still parry most blows directed at him.

Possessions Edit

Steel greatsword- Caiden held onto his steel greatsword from his days as a mercenary. The blade was kept sharp enough to cut through most light armours.

Heavy armour- He wore steel armour, from his days as a mercenary, though he did wear a black cloak, when travelling.

Physical appearance Edit

Despite being an Imperial, he was not terribly tall. He had dark hair, was fair skinned, and had grey eyes, flecked with red. Though he'd been a mercenary for years before joining the Coven, he was relatively unscarred.