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5" sphere..


Long range communications.


0.5 Kilograms

Communications spheres were round objects, initially created by the Dwemer, the communication spheres were used to speak across long distances. Though originally used by the Dwemer, after the races mysterious disappearance, the technology eventually was discovered by various factions.

They were powered by an Aetherium core, and had some sort of ancient Dwemer magic operating them. To use one, the operator merely had to speak the name of someone they wished to speak with. If the person whose name had been spoken was in possession of a sphere, the two spheres would link together. A small figure of the speaker would appear at the top of each sphere. The figure was often a ghostly, pale blue imitation.

This allowed military commanders to communicate across great distances, co-ordinating troops without having to rely on messengers. However, the sphere was unreliable when in a location where high amounts of magic were used, such as battlefields or places of arcane power.

Sometime in 4E 203, the Bloodlet throne coven acquired the technology. Eventually, other faction acquired it as well, around the same time. A larger variant, meant for stationary use, was made, copying Dwemer design, and placed in strategic locations.