Cult of the Glistening Frost


4E 5


Aeltren Fellgleam




104 (as of 4E 204)


Chaotic Neutral




The Unseen (occasionally)


The Bloodlet Throne Coven

Dwemer Automatons

Corrupted Snow Elves (Falmer)

The Cult of the Glistening Frost was a cult based in northern High Rock.They had bases in Skyrim and Solstheim as well. Despite being labelled a 'cult' they were surprisingly open to outsiders. They revered the ancient snow elves, and sought to bring about something they referred to as 'the Glimmering'. The cult was also dedicated to keeping the legacy of the Snow Elves alive. To this end, they collected lore of the ancient elves, and protected them fiercely. 

History Edit

Formed in the early years of the fourth era, the Altmer explorer, Lyreden Faerwen, discovered ancient Snow Elf ruins in Skyrim, in a cave. There, he claimed that Auri-El spoke to him, and demanded that the spirit of his Snow Elven brethren be kept alive.

Upon his return to the Somerset Isles, Lyreden sold everything he owned on the isles, and with his small fortune, funded an expedition to Skyrim. There, they delved into the depths of the tundra, raiding Dwemer ruins for any sign of Snow Elf lore. Upon finding some, he and his companions settled near the cave. At one such ruin, Lyreden and his companions came across a woman who introduced herself as a pale sorceress. She convinced the Altmer to allow her and her fellows to join him.

While the sorceresses assisted the expedition, they gradually turned them into the cult of the Glistening Frost, an organization determined to bring about something known as the Glimmering. As the years wore in, Lyreden lost more and more influence in the cult, with the pale sorceresses becoming prominent leadership figures. However, the sorceresses were more benign than most of their kind. They became involved in defeating the giants that threatened trade routes throughout Skyrim, and bringing several notorious bandit groups to heel.

The cult, however, became feared by the local Nords, for their dependence on ice magic, and their fascination with the Snow Elves of old. A purge was conducted upon the small settlement Lyreden and his companions had constructed outside of bronze water cave. The former Altmer explorer and leader of the Glistening Frost, was killed defending the cave entrance, and the large Snow Elf statue inside.

Obscurity Edit

After the purge in Skyrim, the cult retreated, taking as many Snow Elf relics as they could with them. They retreated to northern High Rock, and built the Frostspire. There, they slowly regrouped, and stored the ancient relics and writings inside. Centuries passed, and the cult once more started to grow in numbers and influence. They spread their influences through the pale priests, cultists that were responsible for creating the