Fellglow Keep




North east Whiterun hold


Early 3rd Era


Madryn Kantes


Imperial Garrison (prior to 4E 171), Necromancers (prior to 4E 203), Bloodlet throne vampires.


Imperial (prior to 4E 171), Neutral (prior to 4E 203) Bloodlet throne coven, as of 4E 203.

Fellglow keep, originally called Overwatch keep, was built by the Empire early in the third era. It was abandoned shortly before the Great War, as the Empire recalled more troops in response to rumours of a Dominion buildup on the Somerset isles.

The fort was reoccupied by a large group of necromancers shortly after the war . By 4E 203, the fort was taken by commander Madryn Kantes of the Bloodlet throne coven. The taking of the fort was one of the few large scale battles that the coven participated after the covens defeat at the Battle of Karthspire.

History Edit

Fellglow Keep was built by the Imperials in Skyrim early in the third era. It was named Overwatch keep, as it offered a near unrestricted view of the immediate area. The Empire used to as a base to hunt down bandits and smugglers in the hold. However, the fort was abandoned when, in response to rumours of an Aldmeri buildup, troops were pulled from the province. Overwatch Keep was abandoned, and soon fell into disrepair. After the war, the Empire neither had the man power nor much of a reason to move into the fort.

When the civil war broke out, the Imperials took the much more central fort Greymoor. Meanwhile, Overwatch was occupied by a large group of necromancers, and the fort was renamed Fellglow Keep. The necromancers studied their art in relative peace, using the fort as a prison for travelers and bandits, using both as fresh materials.

In 4E 203, the Breton vampire, and commander in the Bloodlet throne coven, Madryn Kantes was charged with taking the fort. The battle between was one of the few conflicts where the coven dedicated more than a small force, since the battle of Karthspire. Though the battle lasted for nearly twelve hours, starting in the early evening, outside the fort, and concluding in the early morning the next day.

Commander Kantes was awarded the fort, and a garrison of vampires took up residence. They, much like the Imperials years before, used Fellglow keep as a base to hunt nearby bandits. The garrison also took a small town on the outskirts of Whiterun hold under their protection, though the inhabitants greatly resented this. The fort walls underwent extensive repairs and the existing structure was heavily upgraded, making the forts defenses fairly formidable.