The Goldbloods


4E 201


Nirana Loeraith


Bloodlet Throne



40 Vampires


Lawful Evil


Bloodlet Throne Coven

The Goldbloods were a unit of vampires of the Bloodlet Throne Coven. They were lead by the Altmer vampiress Nirana Loeraith, and made up primarily of Altmer and Bosmer, hence the name 'goldbloods.' Many of its members were former Thalmor justiciars. They fought in several battles in Eastmarch, during the Vampire War, in an attempt to halt allied reinforcements moving over land. Because of this, they were not present at the battle of Karthspire.

They remained in Eastmarch after Salthar Vivarians apparent death. However the Goldbloods returned to the Bloodlet throne shortly before Salthars return to the Coven.

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