Greyscale Rangers


4E 210


Torbrin Finwold


Bannermist Tower


Several dozen


Lawful Neutral



The greyscale rangers were a group of woodsmen dwelling in the wilds of Falkreath hold, and were created in 4E 210. They were lead by the Nord, Torbrin Finwold, and made their headquarters in Bannermist Tower, which they rebuilt and fortified.

They fought alongside the Falkreath guards and Bloodlet Throne Coven, when Falkreath seceded, against Skyrims' army, catching their enemy by surprise. After a series of brief, bloody skirmishes, Falkreath hold became an independent land, and the rangers became a secondary policing force.

Despite the fact that the rangers first duty was to the people of Gloompine, they more often than not, served the Bloodlet Throne Coven. Though they respected the laws of Gloompine, and Skyrim before that, the rangers were not seen as the most dependable, as they preferred to avoid the cities and towns of Falkreath hold.

However, they followed decrees given by jarl Sidgeir of Falkreath, as shown when the jarl seceded from Skyrim. They respected the local law and authorities, and avoided committing crimes in the hold. They commonly helped those beset by bandits or worse in the far reaches of the Gloompine.

Formation Edit

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Torbrin Finwold, leader of the Greyscale rangers