Icehammer Mercenaries


4E 181


Lormar Hammerhand




Several thousand


Chaotic neutral


Bloodlet Throne (as of 4E 201)

The Icehammer mercenaries were a large mercenary company, formed in 4E 181, by the Nord warrior, Lormar Hammerhand. Originally, many of their members were part of various hold guard or soldier regiments. They vehemently opposed the terms of the white-gold concordant.

Their leader, Lormar Hammerhand, was a veteran of the Great war, though very few of his men were. The Icehammers made a name for themselves fighting the Forsworn in the Reach, under the employ of the jarl of Markarth. Together, they won many victories against the scattered Forsworn tribes. Grateful for their assistance, the Jarl of Markarth granted them the fort of Harmugstahl.

They opposed Thalmor justiciar forces as they arrived in Skyrim, which lead to a series of bloody conflicts in the Reach. The current Jarl of Markarth denounced the Icehammers, in order to prevent the Thalmor from taking action against him. By 4E 200, the Icehammers were labelled heretics and bandits by the Thalmor, which lead to most jarls refusing to hire them. In mid 4E 201, the mercenaries were hired by Vengar Vivarian, on behalf of Salthar Vivarian, for his war against the mortals.

History Edit

Lormar Hammerhand, a veteran from the great war, formed the Icehammers in 4E 181, after the white-gold concordant was signed. He recruited from guard and infantry units among the holds, building up a large host. Though they were based in Skyrim, many of them were fairly open minded, the leadership, at least, lacking the racial prejudice of many Nords. For the first few years they fought against the Forsworn raiders. The disciplined former guardsmen and soldiers did outstandingly well against the undisciplined and scattered Forsworn forces.

So well, in fact, that the current Jarl of Markarth granted them the fort of Harmugstahl, in the northeast Reach. The Icehammers weakened the hold of Forsworn on many areas in the Reach, forcing many tribes back into the mountains. Despite their wild successes, Lormar Hammerhand, and many of his top lieutenants vehemently opposed the Thalmor. When the Altmer justiciars arrived in Skyrim, they were attacked by the Icehammers.

This lead to many Jarls denouncing the mercenaries, not wanting to become targets of the Thalmor. Ulfric Stormcloak, however, spoke out in support of the mercenaries as did Jarl Skald the Elder. However, Lormar and Ulfric disagreed over several points, and as a result, the Icehammers never fought for the Stormcloaks. During this time, the Icehammers also suffered from competition, in the form of the Whiterun based Companions, and the Rift based mercenary group, the Mournfangs.

Near the end of the month of Last Seed, in 4E 201, they were hired by Vengar Vivarian, on behalf of Salthar Vivarian. They fought in several campaigns, mostly in the Reach, against Markarths guard regiments, Imperial troops, and Forsworn, who attempted to halt the march of Lucius Draconus' army. The Icehammers experience with fighting the Reachmen, meant that they were able to turn the tide in several battles.

As of 4E 203, the Icehammers were still in the employ of the Bloodlet throne. When the Dawnguard was destroyed, they were sent into the Rift in order to hunt down Dawnguard survivors. Their secondary goal, was to raid the villages in the Rift, in order to acquire slave labour for the Bloodlet throne. On the 7th of Rains Hand, a group of mercenaries met with high inquisitor Barghest Yarrowroot, having captured and slain a small group of Dawnguard. They also captured a larger group of peasants, that they then took to Darkwater crossing, to deliver them to the coven garrison based there.

Training Edit

Most of the mercenary group were former soldiers or guardsmen from Skyrim. As such, they were typically as well trained as the standard guardsmen or soldier in Skyrim. They were disciplined, for mercenaries, and used to fighting in rocky, treacherous terrain, like the mountains of the Reach.

Equipment Edit

As indicated by their name, the Icehammers utilized hammers in battle. Either two handed hammers, or one handed warhammers, used with a shield. Though some used bows, most preferred throwing weapons, like javelins or axes, weapons that could be used in close combat as needed. For the most part,the Icehammers wore light to medium armour, usually leather brigandine, with nasal helmets.