Inquisitorius Vampirum


4E 203


Duros Kaast, Arctus Vane


Bloodlet Throne (formerly), Ilinalta's Deep


100 vampires.


Lawful Evil


Bloodlet throne coven, Salthar Vivarian.

The Inquisitorious Vampirum was founded in 4E 203, by Salthar Vivarian and Duros Kaast. It's purpose was to hunt down, and capture or kill any surviving members of the Dawnguard, after the battle of their fort, in the Rift. As time went on, the Inquisitorius' role expanded to include members of the Order, rogue vampires, and members of the cult of Molag Bal and its allies.

The members of the Inquisitorius were shrouded in mystery, and very little was known about them, even by other members of the coven. It is believed that the group never grew to more than a hundred members, and only a small portion of those were actual Inquisitors.

For the first six years of their existence, the Inquisitorius remained in the Bloodlet throne. Near the end of the Blight war, however, they took and rebuilt Ilinalta's Deep. The Inquisitorius gained a dread reputation throughout Falkreath hold and beyond. They wore robes that were reinforced in the torso and leg area with chainmail and leather. The robes were a deep purple, edged with black.

History Edit

"It's really for the best if you cooperate with me. Otherwise, I'll have to turn you over to the Inquisitorius. Not a nice bunch. things... to people." An anonymous Coven captain.

The Inquisitorius Vampirum was founded in the early months of 4E 203, shortly after the battle of fort Dawnguard. Initially, the Inquisitors numbered only a dozen, and were tasked with hunting and either capturing or killing surviving members of the organization. The first months of the hunt for surviving Dawnguard were wildly successful, due to their skill with illusion magics and training. Most of the surviving commanders of the Dawnguard, including Florentius Baenius, had been captured or killed.

Originally an idea of Duros Kaast, he presented it to lord Salthar Vivarian earlier in the year. Salthar, liking the idea of an independent organization under the command of his trusted lieutenant, agreed. Duros was granted leave to search for potential inquisitors. During a trip to Morrowind, he came across the Dunmer mage Arctus Vane, a powerful illusionist and battle mage. Vane was interested in Vivarians new order, and even more interested in the idea of the Inquisitorius. Kaast turned him, and took him on as an apprentice.

He also had mortal agents of the Bloodlet throne coven spread rumors of the group, mentioning they were searching for fresh recruits. Applicants were expected to have at least a little knowledge of destruction, and more importantly, illusion magic. They were also expected to prove themselves loyal and reliable to the coven, and the Inquisitors.

After their successful elimination of most of the surviving Dawnguard members within the space of two years, they were given additional tasks. Hunting rogue vampires, that followed neither Molag Bal nor the coven, members of the Order of the Silver Sun, and members of the cult of Molag Bal. Later, once their numbers had grown, they ensured the loyalty of the coven and villages in Skyrim and beyond that had fallen under the covens 'protection'.

For the most part, the Inquisitorius was greatly feared, both by mortals and immortals alike. It was also hated, as their tactics often tended to be overly brutal, and they operated outside the law. Even members of the Bloodlet throne coven didn't hold much love for them, as the inquisitors made no secret the covens members were under scrutiny.

Operations Edit

At some point before 4E 205, the Inquisitorius gained permission to operate inside Thalmor controlled Valenwood. There, inquisitor Barghest Yarrowroot, two fellow inquisitors, and a task force of twenty Bloodlet throne vampire soldiers hunted Dawnguard member Dannick Shole and his companions.

Inquisitors also captured the Imperial member of the Order of the Silver Sun, Quentil Meer, in 4E 210, and inquisitor Fennec Klauss was in charge of interrogating him. Some time later, Duros Kaast went to High Rock, to a small village, that was under the covens jurisdiction, to deliver a speech, during his tour of the region. An assassin attempted to kill him there, and acolyte Bael was tasked with hunting them down.

The inquisitors made their home in Ilinalta's Deep, where they discussed matters of importance, and tortured their prisoners. They also trained their apprentices, and oversaw the operations of their mortal agents from there.

In 4E 204, the Inquisitorius launched an assault on Cracked Tusk Keep, in Falkreath hold. It was turned into prison camp, tailored specifically to Lycans. The Inquisitorius began imprisoning Lycanthropes there, and heavily fortified it. High inquisitor Maximus Ferrin remained there, studying werewolf weaknesses.

Later the same year, the Inquisitorius' mortal agents disrupted the plans for the restoration of Morthal, in order to investigate the nearby ruin of Folgunthur. The agents were nearly killed by the horde of draugr, risen from their crypt. However, they discovered a dark secret buried beneath the ruin itself.

Operation Bloodshade Edit

Operation Dark Sun Edit

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Operation Terrorgheist Edit

Known Inquisitors Edit

Lord Inquisitor Edit

Duros Kaast

High Inquisitors Edit

Arctus Vane

Barghest Yarrowroot

Cerena Revelin

Esgal Dimmin

Maximus Ferrin.


Dragos Koll

Inquisitors Edit

Adan Norne

Aramir Caramor

Aylin Trovenir

Bashahk Garveg

Burvag Grolmar

Dro'Sha Hamuran

Fennec Klauss

Myra Kirbach

Pyrus Tonrem

Salven Marx

Tytus Benial

Velec Malothyn

Zyn'Mar Johassi

Yngir Volkheim

Acolytes Edit

Asha Coallen

Tormen Bael

Nex Redwind

Equipment Edit

As of 4E 205, all Inquisitors wore robes of a deep purple colouration, bordered with black. Acolytes wore robes of simple purple, while initiates were given a plain black robe. High inquisitors wore purple and black robes, with heavy darksteel breastplates, gauntlets and boots. The weapons of the inquisitors varied wildly. The Khajiit inquisitor Zyn'Mar Johassi wielded a pair of exotic Khajiiti hookblades, the unusual weapons giving him an advantage over his targets. The Nord inquisitor, Yngir Volkheim, on the other hand, settled for a simple darksteel longsword. All inquisitors were extremely skilled in Illusion and destruction magics, and Barghest Yarrowroot was exceptionally skilled at telekinesis.