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Bloodlet Throne Coven

Karsh was a Khajiit vampire, and skilled assassin, who fought for the Bloodlet Throne Coven, and the founder of the Night Talons. He was extremely loyal to Salthar Vivarian in particular, having heard tales of his exploits when the Altmer sorcerer fought for the Thalmor. He joined before the Vampire War started, and made it his purpose to eliminate those that suspected the vampires had inhabited the formerly abandoned fortress.

He survived the Vampire War, and followed Lucius Draconus back to the Bloodlet Throne after the Covens' defeat at Karthspire. He later was chosen to hunt and eliminate several Dawnguard. He survived the Blight War as well, and continued to serve the Coven.

Early Years 4E 161 - 4E 181 Edit

Born Do'Sa'Kar, Karsh was a warrior of his tribe, and he fought in several skirmishes against the Bosmer raiders, that struck along the Elsweyr-Valenwood border. Though he wasn't yet born when the twin moons disappeared, and were allegedly returned by Thalmor magic, his tribes was one of the many that supported the Altmer group. As he grew in age, he came to respect the efficiency of the Thalmors agents, the justiciars. Though the group didn't accept non-Altmer, he and many of his kind were viewed as possible auxiliary forces, for the upcoming Great War.

Though Karsh never actually fought in the front lines of the war, he was assigned to a scouting party, placed among lord Naarifins' army. He assisted in scouting out several fortifications and towns held by the Empire. When the Dominion was eventually forced out of Cyrodiil, Karsh, instead of returning to Elsweyr, remained in Cyrodiil, becoming a freelance assassin.

Assassin 4E 181 - 4E 200 Edit

Karsh remained in Cyrodiil for many years, working as a freelance assassin. When Thalmor justiciars arrived in the Empire, he began taking contracts from them, working to eliminate Talos worshipers. This drew the attention of several Imperial officials, who sought to eliminate the assassin. Because Karsh was not technically a part of the Thalmor, he wasn't afforded the same protection. In order to protect himself, Karsh eventually changed his name to the single word, making him rather anonymous. Despite this, Imperial authorities still sought him out, and he was forced out of Cyrodiil.

Vampire War 4E 201 - 4E 202 Edit

Karsh had heard of Salthar Vivarians successes in the Great War, and had a healthy amount of respect for the Altmer sorcerer. The assassin was discovered by Salthar Vivarian shortly before the construction on the Bloodlet Throne began. The lord of the Coven personally turned Karsh, and revealed his plan to the khajiit. Karsh returned to the fortress with him, though he didn't stay for long. He was instructed to hunt down and kill any that attempted to reveal the existence of the vampires, before they were ready.

Although the assassin was largely successful, news did eventually reach the knights of the Blazing Sword. Karsh was recalled to the Bloodlet Throne, and sat in on several meetings with Salthars top lieutenants. He was curious of Vengars operations, when the younger Vivarian brother left the Coven for a time, recruiting members of the Blackguard, though he accepted the explanation he was given. Shortly before the war broke out, he formed the Night Talons, and trained them in covert operations.

During the war, he dispatched members of the Night Talons on several assignments, both in Skyrim and Cyrodiil. He, along with many of his Talons were present at the battle of Karthspire, and retreated alongside Lucius Draconus when the vampires were defeated. He was a priority target for the Dawnguard, after the war, though they failed to kill him. This would later cost them when the Coven moved against the Dawnguard a year later.

Personality and traits Edit

Karsh was a serious, disciplined individual. He had little friends, though he respected Salthar Vivarian, and his tactics. He believed there was little use for compassion or mercy, especially in warfare, and showed little of either. He taught his apprentices in the Night Talons, that it was imperative to strike first and without hesitation, especially if they had the upper hand. He valued solitude, and wasn't often seen by other members of the coven, even when he was present in the fortress. Like most Khajiit in the Coven, and Khajiit in general, he referred to himself in third person.

Abilities Edit

Chill- Mortals near Karsh felt an unnatural chill

Flight- Like most high ranking members of the Coven, Karsh had the ability to fly.

Shadow Form- He could transform into a mass of shadows. In addition, he was so adept at this, that he could partially transform. He preferred this form to his natural one, leading some to believe he was in fact, more wraith than vampire.

Swordsmanship- Karsh preferred lightning fast attacks, taking his prey by surprise, and ending the fight before the enemy realized it had even started. He was proven to be competent in fighting with a single blade, and multiple.

Quell- He could diminish, or outright extinguish, most forms of flame.

Possessions Edit

Apparel- Karsh wore little by way of armour, wearing dark leathers, soft soled boots, and gauntlets.

Swords, daggers- He possessed a pair of darksteel swords, one curving, one a standard longsword, and multiple daggers.

Physical appearance Edit

Because Karsh was rarely seen, and when he was, his body was mostly hidden in shadows, few people knew what the master assassin actually looked like. He wasn't extremely tall,nor did he appear very muscular. He had typical features of a Khajiit face, with yellow eyes, speckled with red, due to his vampirism. His fur was mostly black, and a dark grey.