The knight rangers of Kynareth were dedicated to preserving nature, and destroying 'unnatural' creatures.

Knight Rangers of Kyne

Base of Operations

Eldergleam Sanctuary

Khenarthis' Roost


Warden Falrem Oakthorn


A large, green tree.


4E 155


Just under 50


Neutral Good



Lycan clans




Rangers of Tamriel

Greyscale Rangers

Knights of the Blazing Sword

The knight rangers were distinctly different from their fellow knight orders, as they preferred to launch volleys of arrows from their greatbows, before attacking. Even more strangely, many of their order were druids, very much in tune with the nature of Tamriel. They were based on the island of Khenarthi's Roost, and had a small outpost in Eldergleam sanctuary, in Skyrim.

Due to their dedication to Kynareth, they found enemies in Daedra who sought to usurp the natural order of things. The twisted and corrupted Falmer, who sought to destroy the world above, were also enemies of the knights. The Blight, for obvious reasons, were also enemies of the knight-rangers.

History Edit

The knight-rangers were initially formed in the Bosmer homeland of Valenwood. The group eventually left Valenwood due to disagreements with the majority of the lands populace. Preferring to avoid conflict, they moved to the island of Khenarthi's Roost, and set about constructing a fortress there. As the group grew in number, the tentatively spread throughout most of Tamriel, namely, Cyrodiil, High Rock, and Skyrim.

Due to their generally neutral stance, the knights were allowed to build small outposts in most of these lands. They quickly became allies with the Rangers of Tamriel, as the lone wanderers often acted in accordance to Kynareths' will, and found that the knight-rangers were more than happy to aid and resupply them. The