knights of the Blazing Sword

Base of Operations

Castle Blaze, Northwest of Cheydinhal,Cyrodiil


Lord-Commander Banesh Gullan


A silver sword, surrounded by orange flames, on a white background.


4E 103, 12th of Hearthfire


400, in 4E 201


Lawful Good


The Bloodlet Throne coven,The Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, various Daedric cults, The Circle of Nine, The Volkihar clan

The knights of the Blazing Sword were formed in the first century of the fourth era. They were based upon the virtues of justice, sacrifice, and valour. Any initiate that wished to take the knightly vows had to be willing to stand against evil, and if need be, sacrifice themselves for the good of their fellows.

They were based northwest of Cyrodiil, in castle Blaze. Their leader, as of 4E 201, was lord-commander Banesh Gullan. a Breton. The knights had small chapter houses in each of Cyrodiils major city, and one near the gold coast. Despite the presence of the houses, the knights only drew in a small number of recruits, having merely four hundred members in 4E 201.

The knights of the Blazing Sword were aware of Salthar Vivarians growing coven in Skyrim, and guessed, correctly, that he planned to make an army. A small contingent went to Skyrim, intending to kill the Altmer vampire lord, though ultimately, they failed.

History Edit

The knightly order was formed in 4E 103, on the 12th of Hearthfire by Gareth Pyrious. He'd been a knight for nearly two decades, fighting the forces of evil. His great grand father had fought in the Oblivion crisis alongside the hero of Kvatch. He and a half dozen like minded fellows formed the knightly order. It was named after Gareths sword, which was enchanted with a flame spell that was particularly effective against the undead.

The knights went about clearing several locations throughout Cyrodiil of the undead presence. This gained them much fame, and many young men flocked to join them. A couple of years after the founding of the order, they claimed an old, abandoned castle, northwest of the city of Cheydinhal. There, the swore to defend the city, and all others from the menace of the undead that inhabited the caves, ruins and forts of Cyrodiil. This, of course, gained them the enmity of the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order.

Knights visiting isolated villages and even those staying in walled cities were picked off by the Cyrodiilic vampires. upon realizing the cause of his comrades deaths, Gareth ordered a witch hunt, that lead to the knights,and their supporters riding through the countryside, hunting vampires, and publicly burning them. This continued for several years, the Order assassinating isolated knights, and the knights hunting, and executing any vampire they could find. Eventually the vampires became even more adept at concealing their true identity. The hunt ended inconclusively, with the last casualty of the conflict being lord-commander Pyrious.

Decline Edit

As guilds such as the fighters guild became more and more popular, interest in joining a knightly order steadily decreased. Several chapter houses in minor towns became nearly uninhabited, except for the few knights already dwelling there.The chapter houses in the larger cities still operated, but brought in very few recruits. Skirmishes with undead in the ruins and caves scattered throughout Cyrodiil became more costly to the order.

In 4E 144, the current leader of knights, Dornan Thorsten, lead an assault on the Ayleid ruin, and undead stronghold of Miscarand. The battle was disastrous for the knights, and they lost nearly fifty men in the initial assault, and another dozen retreating from the ruins. Worse, lord-commander Thorsten was slain in personal combat with the lich king of Miscarand.

The knights of the Blazing Sword maintained a low profile during the great war, refusing to take a side. Many in the Empire saw this as an act of treason. After the war, the Cyrodiilic Vampyrum Order grew bolder, and, using their positions of influence in the Empire, discouraged joining the knights, furthering their decline and lack of fresh blood.

By 4E 201, the knights of the Blazing Sword had four hundred members. Their lord-commander was Bannesh Gullan, a Redguard male, who ordered all but a few of the chapter houses closed. Unlike many of his predecessors, Bannesh only committed knights to a battle after much scouting and debate with his advisers.He was against knight-commander Anton Carsus' expedition to Skyrim, though ultimately agreed to it. The knights failed to kill Salthar Vivarian and knight-enchanter Feross Gardain returned with seven of his companions.

When Salthar Vivarian emerged with his army from the Bloodlet throne, and began slaughtering his way through Skyrim, the knights of the Blazing Sword remained in Cyrodiil. Though they were ready to defend the province should Salthar attempt to expand into it, they refused to meet him in battle while he was in Skyrim.

Notable members Edit

Gareth Pyrious- Founder

Dornan Thorsten- Lord-commander

Bannesh Gullan- Lord-commander

Anton Carsus- Knight-commander

Feross Gardain- Knight-enchanter

Ranks Edit

Lord-commander: Leader of the knights of the Blazing sword. Oversees the orders activities. Manages the chapter houses, through knight-commanders, and can take place in assaults.

Knight-commander: Each knight-commander leads a chapter house, and reports to the lord-commander. After lord-commander Gullan ordered the chapter houses closed, the knight-commanders withdrew to castle Blaze. Knight-commanders lead groups of up to thirty men in battle.

Knight-enchanter: A knight-enchanter was a powerful battlemage, capable of fighting with both the sword and the arcane arts. Usually one knight-enchanter will advise and fight alongside a knight-commander.

Knight-captain: Usually three knight-captains served under a knight-commander, and reported to him or her. They oversaw the training of fresh recruits, and were assigned to a group of ten knights during battle.

Knight-sergeant: Two knight-sergeants were assigned to each knight-captain. Oversaw training and groups of five during battle.

Knight: The backbone of the order. After taking their vows, knights join the order of the Blazing Sword for life. They are all skilled, brave, and honourable warriors, ready to give their lives for their brother or sister knights.

Squire: Not yet a knight, squires train under knights, clean the knights armour and and assist them in battle.

Initiate: Usually children of the ages of 8-18. They serve tables at meal times, and do chores around the castle or chapter house. Do not fight in battles.

Equipment Edit

All knights are equipped with tempered steel plate armour, and wear surcoats of white, with the silver sword surrounded by orange flames. The knight-enchanters wear white robes, with orange flames on the hem.

Colour symbolism Edit

White- Neutrality/ Cleanliness

Orange- Rewarding Ambition

Silver- Wisdom