Lohrdran Corde














145 lbs.


Lawful Evil


The Bloodlet Throne Coven

Night Talons

Lohrdran Corde was a Redguard vampire of the Bloodlet Throne Coven. He was formerly a privateer operating out of Sentinel. He met the assassin Karsh, who recruited him to the Coven, and later, into the Night Talons. Lohrdran was a skilled assassin, and loyal to the Covens ideals. It was known that he had feelings for the Breton Talon Alria Vanonis.

Early life 4E 165 - 4E 201 Edit

Born in the city of Sentinel in 4E 175, Corde was the son of an Imperial diplomat, and a Redguard woman. He had a fairly standard childhood, though he did travel quite a lot, with his father as he got older.

It was the frequent traveling that instilled a love of the open in the young Redguard. After his fathers' death, he joined the crew of a fishing vessel. He served aboard for several years, and learned to wield a blade in order to fend off pirates that frequented those waters.

When his mother, a diplomat herself, was sent to the city-state of Dragonstar, he saw no reason to remain in Sentinel. Using his fighting skills, he signed on as a privateer, working for the Crown forces. He was greatly successful, and his skills with the blade only grew the longer he stayed out on the waters. His father, too, eventually was sent back to Cyrodiil. Lohrdran remained on the seas, becoming one of the best fighters in the area. At the time of the Great War, he fought in several naval battles against the Dominion, alongside the combined Crown-Forebear forces.

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