Maldred Tabren








Vengar Vivarian






177 lbs


Lawful Evil


Bloodlet Throne Coven

Obsidian Order of knights

Maldred Tabren was a Breton noble, living in the Stormhaven region of High Rock. His family was one of the wealthiest that called the region their home. He was eventually forced out of the region and his ancestral home, after leading a coup. He retreated to the far more barren region of Rivenspire, where he became a mercenary knight, and met Halbrec Grimm. The exiled count intended to re-amass his fortune before returning to his family's castle.Eventually, due to his many battles, Tabren became known as the Crimson Count.  

However, Maldreds' plans changed when he met Vengar Vivarian. He and Grimm agreed to join forces,with the Coven, and brought their knights together, forming the Order of the Obsidian knights. Tabren lead the knights alongside Grimm, though he refrained from taking command of the knights on the field, except when the grand master of the Order was unavailable.  

Maldred was easy to spot upon the battlefield, as he wore crimson painted darksteel armour, and wore a flowing cloak, of the same colour. He was exceptionally skilled with both the lance and the sword. He also had a good understanding of the politics of High Rock.      

Early years 4E 166 - 4E 202 Edit

Born into the noble house Tabren of the Stormhaven region of High Rock, Maldred was the third son of lord Emerus Tabren. Maldred, along with his two brothers were trained in the court politics of High Rock, along with being trained in the use of the sword and the lance. Maldreds' eldest brother became a powerful mage, while the second brother was a brash warrior. Maldred himself eschewed magic for the blade and lance, drawing more than a little scorn from his brother and father, both schooled in the arts.

On his eighteenth birthday, lord Emerus Tabrens' second son rode to battle, against a group of orcish raiders, with a few household knights. They were ambushed in the densely forested area of that region, and slain to a man. It was at this time that Maldred first be