Marcus Threnial








Unknown. (Possibly Caiden Sorius)






135 lbs


Lawful Evil


Bloodlet Throne Coven

Marcus Threnial was an Imperial male, that joined the Bloodlet Throne Coven in the early months of 4E 201. Before becoming a vampire, he served in the Imperial fourth legion, under general Gaius Tullius. He spent most of the Vampire War posing as an Imperial scout, misleading general Altus Kathalon, and the leader of the Imperial fifth legion. He fled to the Bloodlet Throne after he was revealed as a vampire after the war. He returned to his duties shortly after Salthar Vivarians return.

He joined a group of adventurers in the Reach on Lucius Draconus' orders, in 4E 205, and helped search for the cause of disappearing villagers. He also fought in the Blight War, and was still alive at the wars end in 4E 209. He admitted to not knowing who, exactly, turned him into a vampire, though he suspected it was Caiden Sorius.

Early years 4E 172 - 4E 200

Marcus was born and raised in Cheydinhal, Cyrodiil. His family was steeped in military tradition, and Marcus followed his father into the Imperial military when he came of age. He joined general Gaius Tullius' Imperial fourth legion, as a soldier. For most of his service in the legion, Marcus didn't see much action, besides small skirmishes against bandits.

In 4E 189, he was awarded several medals for bravery,first when he and his squad rescued an Imperial patrol from a bandit ambush in the Blackwood. He slew the bandit leader in single combat, and scattered the survivors. A few months later, he was ambushed by thugs outside the Imperial barracks in Bravil. He held his attackers off until a group of his comrades arrived to fight them off.

By 4E 196, rumours of rebellion were spreading in the northern parts of the Empire, specifically, Skyrim. Marcus and a small unit of legionnaires were dispatched to Bruma, and from there, ordered to Pale Pass.The Imperials reached Bruma without seeing any rebel activity, and Marcus' commander sent a small group back to report this to general Tullius. However, a mere day after the messengers were sent off, reports trickled in of an organized group of 'bandits' raiding along the Cyrodiil-Skyrim border. The unit commander, unwilling to wait for the generals reinforcements, headed out to confront the raiders.

In reality, the bandits were northern Imperial separatists, supported by bandits dwelling in the Jerall mountains. A pitched battle was fought near Pale Pass, with the Imperials taking light casualties, and all but wiping out the raiding group. However, the Imperials found evidence of other separatist cells existing in the area. For the next four years, Marcus served in various patrols along the Cyrodiil-Skyrim border, generally, in Bruma county.

Vampire War 4E 201 - 4E 202

"You were a soldier?"

"I still am. I just wear different colours now." - Severus Valte and Marcus Threnial

Sometime before the beginning of the civil war in Skyrim, Marcus was promoted to the rank of decurion, and assigned a squad of Imperial soldiers. He continued to serve in the fourth legion, and was among the first to enter the rebelling province. Unfortunately, Marcus and his unit were ambushed by a large force of Stormcloaks in Falkreath hold. The entire unit was wiped out, and the decurion was severely injured. The rebels were about to execute Marcus, when a band of vampires, searching for hands to work on the Bloodlet Throne fortress, came across the Stormcloaks, and eliminated them in turn.

Marcus was offered the choice of joining the Coven, or dying of his injuries. Grateful for the rescue, and too injured to survive otherwise, he accepted. When Salthar Vivarian was ready to begin his war on the mortals, Marcus sat in on several meetings, and helped plan offensives against Stormcloak and Imperial camps in Falkreath hold. Though he didn't enjoy turning on his Imperial comrades, he also had little real hesitation, as most of his friends in the legion had been killed in the ambush.

When general Altus Kathalons fifth legion entered Falkreath hold, Marcus was chosen to infiltrate and mislead the Imperials. His legion training and experience helped him greatly in this regard, as he knew the proper protocols and could predict Imperial tactics easily. Though the members of the fifth legion didn't suspect him, Marcus was eventually forced to flee when the Imperials, Stormcloaks, and Dawnguard formed an alliance, and he was revealed as a vampire. At the end of the Vampire War, he joined Lucius Draconus' army in their retreat back to the Bloodlet Throne.

After the war 4E 202 - 4E 203

Marcus had little to do in the year that lead up to Salthar Vivarians return. With his identity known by the Imperials and Dawnguard, infiltrating either organization was out of the question. Because of this, most of his time was spent in the Bloodlet Throne. There, he and fellow Imperial, Severus Valte became good friends. Marcus disliked the fact that Severus was given the dangerous task of finding and rounding up the various splinter groups of Coven vampires that had formed their own powerbases throughout Skyrim after the war.

When Salthar returned, he was selected for a combat role for the assault on fort Snowstone, the Dawnguard outpost in Falkreath hold. When the Dawnguard were finally destroyed, Marcus continued to serve as a soldier, fighting in the battle of Fellglow Keep, though he returned to Falkreath hold after the keep was taken. He wasn't involved in much else during the period, besides several other skirmishes throughout Skyrim.

The Blight War 4E 205 - 4E 209

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In 4E 205, Marcus joined a group of mercenaries in the Reach, in order to discover the source of a mysterious mist, and disappearances occurring all over the hold. He operated on Lucius Draconus' orders and frequently reported back to him on the groups progress. After a period of wandering with the mercenaries, Marcus came across the Blight near Markarth. Both he and the mercenaries were unprepared, and nearly defeated, though teamwork and quick thinking saw them through.

He assisted the mercenaries in thwarting the Blights attempt to invade an unexpecting Markarth. He was recalled to the Bloodlet Throne soon after, but because of his, and the mercenaries actions, the Blight was unable to take Markarth, being forced to besiege it. The city suffered through several long sieges, during the war, but never fell to the Blight, despite heavy fighting during the last year of the war.

Marcus participated in several battles throughout the war, losing many comrades along the way. A consequence of four years of near constant battle, was Marcus becoming strangely fascinated with death, and what became of Coven vampires once they died.

Personality and traits

Marcus was a serious often grim person, seldomly seen smiling or joking. He was also very loyal, completely dedicated to the Coven, and carrying out tasks that he sometimes found distasteful. He could be a devoted friend and ally, as was shown when he met and befriended Severus Valte. He later began to call the younger vampire 'Sev', and often checked up on his progress. He was proven to be a competent leader, and tactically minded. He despised cowardice and unnecessary cruelty, and as such, nearly came to blows with Kharkov Darkstone over the others sadistic ways. He admired Caiden Sorius, because the man managed to maintain his compassion and calm after becoming a vampire. He shared some of these traits to a lesser degree.


Swordsmanship- Marcus was an adept swordsman, preferring a straightforward fighting style. He ended fights as quickly as he could, with little regard for showmanship or maneuvering.

Quell- He had the ability to diminish, or outright extinguish most flames.

Chill- Mortals near Marcus often felt an unnatural chill.


Apparel- He wore a shirt of darksteel chainmail, underneath a long, black, fur lined trenchcoat, as of 4E 205. In battle, he wore darksteel mail, with darksteel greaves and gauntlets.

Sword and dagger- Marcus wielded a standard darksteel longsword during his first few years in the Coven. As of 4E 206, he began carrying a long, thin bladed darksteel dagger, tucked in his right boot.

Physical appearance

Though not terribly tall or muscled, Marcus is lean, with a gaunt face, and unique eyes. Predominantly black, with a hint of red near the pupils. Short black hair that looks permanently ruffled and windswept. His face is covered in small scars, most of them caused by the Stormcloak ambush that took the lives of his men.