Minhirath Greycloak




Altmer Vampire




Salthar Vivarian






140 lbs.


Lawful Evil


Bloodlet throne coven

Minhirath Greycloak was an extremely accomplished Altmer sorcerer and a vampire in Salthar Vivarians Bloodlet throne coven. He took great pride in his duties in the coven, and always carried them out to the best of his abilities. Though he had nothing to do with the vampire war in 4E 201, he was trusted by Salthar Vivarian. And Lord Vivarian frequently confided in him.

Minhirath was noted to be unique among his Altmer brethren even before being turned, due to his bright blue eyes. At a hundred and three, he was one of the oldest to join the Bloodlet throne coven. Despite his young age, Minhiraths hair was silver.

Even before his induction into the coven he was known to hold a great hatred towards the servants of Molag Bal. He frequently volunteered to lead assaults against his cult, when they emerged around 4E 210. He didn't share his vampiric brethrens disdain for mortals, and went out of his way to protect them from the forces of Molag Bal.

Early Years 4E 107-4E 129 Edit

Minhirath Greycloak was born in the Altmer city of Shimmerene, to a pair of powerful mages. He was the only son in his family, and had two sisters, one older, the other younger. His younger sister, Nemye, died due to sickness when she was young. Minhirath was greatly saddened by his sisters death, though he did his best to remain strong for the rest of his family. Eventually, he overcame his grief, though he was still deeply scarred by it.

Like most Altmer, he came into his magical abilities at a fairly young age. He joined the school of arcane arts in Alinor shortly after his twentieth birthday. He spent two years there, engrossed in his studies. By the time he was twenty two, Minhirath was one of the more proficient spell casters in the school. He left to rejoin his family in Shimmerene.

Despite his power in the arcane, Minhirath preferred not to boast, and refrained from using it. Though his friends often questioned this decision, Minhirath stood by his decision. Many scorned him for this, but a great many others admired his restraint.

Hunted by the Thalmor 4E 129- 4E 170 Edit

In late 4E 129, the Thalmor denounced Minhiraths family for refusing to fall in with the Thalmor beliefs. In the winter of that year, Thalmor justiciars stormed the Greycloak home. With little choice left, Minhirath finally unleashed his power. Dozens of Thalmor soldiers died to Minhirath alone. However, the son of house Greycloak grew tired, while fresh Thalmor ensured their victory. One by one, the members of house Greycloak fell, as did the soldiers sworn to their service.

Minhirath was the only member of his family to escape the massacre, and the Thalmor were aware of that. He left Shimmerene and made his way to the coast of the Somerset Isles. With Thalmor troops in hot pursuit, he boarded a ship bound for Valenwood.

Though he managed to evade his hunters among the jungles and forests of his Bosmer brethren, the Thalmor were relentless in their hunting of him. Eventually, they caught up to him once more, forcing him to flee from the land of the wood elves.

Minhirath eventually ended up fleeing to the Empire, in late 4E 169. The Thalmor, reluctant to reveal their plans for the Empire, left the last surviving Greycloak in peace. Minhirath made life for himself creating enchantments and curing minor ailments in the Imperial city, careful not to reveal his true power to the Imperials.

The Great War 4E 170- 4E 175 Edit

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