Night Talons


4E 201, 1st of Last Seed




The Bloodlet throne


Around twenty


Lawful evil


The Bloodlet throne coven, Salthar Vivarian

The Night Talons, or more commonly known as Talons, were elite assassins, hand picked and trained by Karsh, the Khajiit vampire. Their other purpose was to serve as Salthar Vivarians eyes and ears across Tamriel. They generally worked alone, though on several occasions, they operated in small groups.

After the defeat of the coven and Salthar Vivarians apparent death, the Night Talons retreated to secluded areas in the Reach. For months after the battle, reports reached the Dawnguard of villagers and soldier patrols going missing. However, the Talons always slipped away before reinforcements arrived.

The Talons were mostly made up of Khajiit, Argonian, and elven members, though it was rumoured that a few human and orcish vampires had joined their ranks. Due to the secretive nature of the group, their true numbers were never known. However, it is safe to assume that, thanks to their elite status, they numbered no more than a couple dozen.

History Edit

Prior to the vampire war of 4E 201, Salthar Vivarian became convinced that the coven was in need of a secretive unit of assassins and spies. These operatives would be able to move among mortals without raising suspicion, and strike from anywhere. Another function of the Talons would be to eliminate traitorous officers in the coven, along with mortal spies and any Thanes or Jarls that spoke out against the coven. Because of this, they often worked alongside the Inquisitorius Vampirum.

Night Talons were trained to be fiercely loyal, effective, and secretive operatives. Due to the secrecy surrounding the group, their true numbers were never discovered. However, being an elite unit, and the need for front line vampires during the war, it was unlikely they ever numbered more than a couple dozen.

During the vampire war, they targeted Imperial and Stormcloak commanders. The sudden, and often inexplicable deaths of these men and women prevented both forces from being able to launch organized assaults on the coven for the first month of the war.

After the apparent death of Salthar Vivarian, and the covens decisive defeat at the battle of Karthspire, the Night Talons retreated. The group was not heard from again, until a year later, when Vivarian returned to the Bloodlet throne.

Such was their skill, that even nine years after the war, in 4E 210, they were still referred to as some of the eras' deadliest assassins.

Methodology Edit

Most Talons were watched by recruiters for months before they were approached. Many times, Salthar would wait for the potential Talon to do something truly impressive, before having them recruited. Talons could have been anything from assassins to warriors in their past life. However, once they'd been recruited, they became deadly killers for the Bloodlet throne.

Training Edit

Most, if not all members of the Night Talons could use shadow powers, becoming wraithlike in appearance, or using the magic unique to the coven to eliminate their enemies. However, before they were trained to use these powers, they went through extensive physical training. Much of it included hand to hand and ranged combat, stealth, climbing, and resistance to interrogation, among other things.

Operations Edit

Talons were used to assassinate outspoken local officials, traitorous commanders, or enemy leaders. In territories belonging to the coven, they spoke and acted with lord Vivarians authority. Any member of the coven was required to work with them. They had the freedom to reveal themselves to whomever they liked, but in order to protect their identity, only a handful of the covens higher ranking members knew the identity of the groups members.

Talons often worked alone, infiltrating a group or area, before taking out their targets. However, it was not unheard of for small groups of Talons to work together. Their roles ranged from silent assassination to brutal, destructive rampages. They vanished without a trace after completing their assignments, gaining a legendary reputation, both among the coven and its enemies.

Psychology Edit

Completely loyal to the coven, and Salthar Vivarian, Talons completed their missions with utter ruthlessness. They viewed their killing as a way of protecting the coven, and those under the covens influence from the most dangerous of the covens foes. Despite the fact many of their targets were nobles or officials that simply spoke out against the coven one too many times.

Notable members Edit

Karsh- Chief of assassins, lead the Talons on the rare occasions they fought together.

Ardess Rinn-Altmer male

Amelia Regnes-Imperial female

Lohrdran Corde-Redguard male

Merethya Eredian-Altmer female

Jhi'raya- Khajiit female