Nox Umbrae



Eye Colour


Fur colour


Skin colour

Dark grey/black


Half the size of an average adult male


From nose to tailtip, slightly longer than an adult horse.


Capable of fading at will. Understands the common tongue. Can regenerate minor wounds.


Salthar Vivarian

The Bloodlet Throne coven

The Nox Umbrae ,(Nox Umbra singular) literally 'Night Shadows'were a type of feline creature that, appeared, at first glance, to be made completely of shadow. They were created and used by the Bloodlet throne coven, mostly as assassins, or terror weapons. Their ability to fade between shadow forms and corporeal forms made them extremely dangerous. They had red eyes with cat like pupils. They could see extremely well, both in daylight and in low light settings. They were first seen in Falkreath hold, around 4E 203.

Biology and appearance

"Made completely of shadow, I tell ya! And those eyes!" - A Falkreath hold guard, reporting the appearance of a Nox Umbra.

Nox Umbrae, were feline in appearance, with long, black fur, that blended perfectly with the night. They were about half the size of an average adult male, and slightly longer than a horse. They were somewhat less stocky than the heavily built sabre cats of Skyrim. It had long, ebony coloured claws and fangs, and dark grey skin.Its eyes were red, and glowed in the dark, much like a common housecat. The creatures sense of smell and hearing allowed it to track prey that was some distance away. Their fur caused dark rashes on mortals, that allowed Nox Umbrae to track them.

All Nox Umbrae were capable of understanding the common tongue. This meant it was capable of receiving and carrying out instructions. The creature also had the ability to take on a shadow form at will, making it extremely hard to corner and kill. The Nox Umbra was capable of slipping through thin openings, such as the gap beneath a door, or an open window, when in its shadow form, and becoming corporeal once it had entered. This made them ideal terror weapons, as very few places were safe from them.


"We've come across several disemboweled bodies near the roads. Looks like they were mauled by a wild animal." -Captain Morrs Redstone, of Falkreath hold.

Nox Umbrae stalked their prey or 'targets' for some time before moving in for the kill. They preferred to strike during the evening, darkest parts of the night, or in the early morning hours. However, they did not hesitate to attack during the day, especially if it was overcast or raining. They attacked using their claws, shredding through clothing and light armour with ease. They generally fed upon their victims, as well, and were reported to purr softly once they'd caught their prey.

They preferred to avoid brightly lit areas, realizing they were more vulnerable to discovery in the light. If, for some reason, a Nox Umbra was unable to complete its mission to slay a target, they 'marked' the target by brushing against them, most likely during their escape. The marked target soon developed a rash of dark spots on their flesh. The rash exuded a scent that only the Nox Umbrae could smell, allowing it, or another of its kind to track the target for extremely long distances.

The Nox Umbra was capable of regenerating wounds caused by normal weapons, and could not be influenced by the illusion school of magic. They were immune to most ice spells, though they were very weak to fire spells. Enchanted weapons were also capable of killing them.


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