Order of the Silver Sun

Base of Operations

Delnorin Redoubt, Hjaalmarch


Derek Starsong


A silver sun, on a field of blue.


4E 204, 15th of Rain's Hand


Under 100


Lawful Good


The Bloodlet Throne Coven

various bandit groups

Daedric Cults


Knights of the Blazing Sword

The Order of the Silver Sun were a group formed from the remnants of the Dawnguard. Their primary goal was to hunt and destroy vampires, though they also fought various kinds of evil, including bandits and Daedra. They were also known to ally with the Cyrodiil based Knights of the Blazing Sword. More discreetly, they assisted various Lycanthrope clans, especially when the Bloodlet Throne Coven began hunting the werewolves.

Because of their tendency to hunt bandits and outlaws, the Order was on very good terms with most holds in Skyrim, especially the holds of Haafingar and Hjaalmarch. The group was welcoming to all races, so long as they didn't collaborate with known criminals, or other forms of evil.

Despite their good standing in Skyrim, the Order was small in number, comparing to their enemies, the Bloodlet Throne Coven. By the time the Blight emerged throughout Tamriel, they still numbered under a hundred members.

History Edit

On the 1st of Rain's Hand, 4E 203, the Altmer vampire, and lord of the Bloodlet Throne Coven, lead his forces against fort Dawnguard, in the Rift. After a short siege, the fort was breached, and the Dawnguard soldiers overwhelmed, including its' leadership. Those few vampire hunters that escaped the battle, scattered, and many were pursued by bounty hunters, mercenaries, and the newly formed Inquisitorius. Many of the former vampire hunters were captured or killed while attempting to hide or flee from the Coven.

Those few that survived, eventually rallied around the former Coven slave, Derek Starsong. For months, they remained in hiding, waiting for the Coven to cease their search. During their search for a stronghold that would avoid the vampires' notice, a scouting party came across an abandoned redoubt, overlooking a seldom used road. The surviving Dawnguard moved into the bastion, and began making it livable once more.

Though the group barely numbered more than two dozen, they quickly decided upon a new name, as the Dawnguard had made more enemies than friends in recent years. Cautiously, they began to recruit, and seek out news of the Covens' exploits. As the Coven was busy expanding its' influence throughout Falkreath hold, and parts of Whiterun hold, and even further afield, in High Rock, the survivors were largely left alone.

Shortly after a year since the destruction of the Dawnguard, the Order of the Silver Sun was officially created, with Derek Starsong as its' leader. Immediately, Derek set about growing the groups reputation among nearby villages and towns. Bandit groups in the area nearest the Orders' stronghold took heavy losses, as the members of the newly formed Order used their training to great effect on the thugs.

The Order took it even further, venturing into the marshes of Hjaalmarch, and battling the various monsters that had taken residence up there. This lead to the people of Hjaalmarch heavily supporting the group, and their numbers began to grow steadily. News of their actions reached the court of Solitude, which welcomed a group that upheld order in a land caught up in the chaos of Ulfric Stormcloaks' fairly recent assassination.

This also drew the attention of the Coven, and inevitably lead to a series of battles with the vampires. Though the Coven had the upper hand in almost every one of these early battles, they were frustrated by their inability to eliminate the group completely. The Inquisitorius offered large rewards, to encourage the people of Hjaalmarch to betray the location of the Orders' base. However, the Order was much adored in that hold, and few, if any, were swayed by the Inquisitorius' offers.

This lead to the Coven abducting and torturing various civilians in the hold, and going so far as to burn several smaller villages to the ground. These actions backfired, eventually, as Solitude and Morthal, along with the Order, combined their forces to drive the vampires out of the marshy hold. The Coven lacked the resources in Hjaalmarch hold, and were eventually forced to withdraw, and cease their offensive, temporarily. After this, the Order was officially recognized by the jarls of Skyrim.

When villagers across Skyrim started disappearing, Derek Starsong commissioned a small team to investigate in the Solitude area. However, they were unsuccessful in finding the source of the abductions. When the Blight did emerge, the Order was just under a hundred strong, in terms of members, and had formed several outposts in both Hjaalmarch and Haafingar holds. They fought alongside the armies of Skyrim during the war. The Order was still relatively strong after the war, though they soon came back into conflict with the Coven.

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Notable Members Edit

Derek Starsong- Nord male, a former slave of the Bloodlet Throne Coven. Created and lead the Order of the Silver Sun for several years. One of few mortals to survive a fight with Imperial vampire,Lucius Draconus.

Alanna Starsong- Nord female, daughter of Derek Starsong, and eventual leader of the Order.

Tannis- A Breton member of the Order. Also a former slave, and close friend of Derek Starsong.

Quentil Meer- Imperial male,one of the higher ranking members of the Order, as of 4E 208. Was captured and tortured by the Inquisitorius Vampirum, in 4E 210.

Elyria Delethi- Dunmer female, spellsword, member of the Order.

Dorian Adront-Breton male, fairly high ranking member of the Order.

Ranks Edit

Lightbringer- Lead a group of Order warriors. Often very experienced, both in fighting vampires,bandits, and other evil. Rare, as members of the Order went, though deadly in combat.

Knight of the Silver Sun- Highly skilled in mounted and unmounted combat, often wielding silver greatswords, mauls, and often swords and shields. They were adorned in heavy plate armour, and full helms, with a blue surcoat over it, emblazoned with the Orders' symbol.

Vanguard- These individuals are often heavily armoured, armed and numerous, vanguards lead participated in dangerous missions against bandit and Coven forces alike. Always wielded two handed weapons, usually silver, or at least enchanted.

Bearer of the Argent flame- Mages, trained in restoration and destruction magic, specializing in flames and healing, though few in number.

Member of the Order- First rank after joining the Order of the Silver Sun. Basic foot soldier. Equipped with basic armours, and silver weaponry. Those who showed a potential in the magical arts were offered the chance to join the Orders mages.

Initiate- Recruits, and not technically members of the Order. Given silver weaponry, and basic armours, and often lead by more experienced warriors.

Equipment Edit

Silver weaponry was predominant among the Orders' forces, especially among the knights and standard members of the Order. The organization relied upon the skilled silversmiths in Markarth to provide the ingots needed, where their own smiths forged them into weapons. Like their predecessors, the Order of the Silver Sun utilized crossbows, but due to the materials needed, bows, with silver headed arrows were much more common. Their shields were rounded, like the Dawnguard, but reinforced on the edges and center, capable of withstanding blows from a vampire. The center of the shield was also embossed with the Orders' symbol.