Lady of Renegades

Queen of Vengeance


A half grey, half black circle

Sphere of Influence

Vengeance,contradictions,persistence, oblivion (nothingness)


Knights of Nullification

Worshipper Alignment

Anything from Neutral Good to Neutral Evil


Chaotic Neutral

Phaerax is one might consider an anomaly. A minor Daedra, though still much more powerful than the lesser variations.Because of her hatred for the other princes, some scholars have questioned whether she is one of them, or something completely different.

She is in a major power struggle with four Daedric princes, though she despises them all. She symbolizes individualism, vengeance, persisting against bad odds, and the void of nothingness. She also, to a lesser degree, symbolizes contradictions, encouraging her followers to go against the greater beliefs of most mortals.

She is unbiased towards her followers, welcoming all races and sexes. However, she demands they worship her, and her alone. Those who deviate from this, often end up on the receiving end of her ire.

Origins Edit

The true origins of Phaerax are questionable at best. However, the consensus among scholars at large, is that she was born during at the onset of the Oblivion Crisis. Instead of siding with her fellow Daedra, she sequestered herself away by tearing a small pocket realm for herself in Oblivion. However, there are others that insist she is much older, perhaps as old as the dawn of time itself. Some others claim she is the offspring of Sithis, as her followers are often mistaken for worshippers of the lord of the Void.

Whatever the case, one thing can be seen as fact, or at least as far as mortals know of the machinations of the Daedra; Phaerax holds a burning hatred for her fellows. At every opportunity, she has attempted to sabotage their plans, and her followers actively hunt the scions of the Daedra on Nirn.