Saberrin Martz








Amelia Martz-mother

Thomas Martz-father






170 lbs


Lawful Neutral


Himself, Bounty Hunters Guild

Saberrin Martz was an Imperial warrior and bounty hunter, and a member of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, based in Skyrim. He was the son of Thomas and Amelia Martz, farmers, in Cyrodiil. He left the heart of the Empire as a young man, and took up adventuring across Tamriel. He joined the guild shortly before the start of the civil war in Skyrim.

He was one of the few who refused to take on bounties targeting those that weren't labelled as bounties, and he preferred to take his targets alive. He became known as a skilled warrior, and was hated by several criminal organizations, among which the Dark Brotherhood was listed.

Early Years 4E 170 - 4E 188 Edit

Saberrin was born into a community of farmers near the Imperial city. His parents were Amelia and Thomas Martz, both farmers themselves. During his youth, he spent his days helping tend the fields, and caring for the animals. Though he was content, he did not want to spend the rest of his days as a farmer. Against his parents wishes, when he reached the age of eighteen, he left his family farm, and became a mercenary.

Independent contractor 4E 188 - 4E 200 Edit

For several years, Saberrin fought for whoever could pay the most, generally against bandits, and other thugs. His employers were either villagers, seeking a respite from bandit raids, or Cyrodiilic lords and counts. He became adept at fighting with a sword and shield, especially against small groups of bandits. Eventually, he left the Imperial heartland, and traveled to Skyrim, a land known for its lawlessness.

His reputation had spread to the tundra, but tensions were already growing, due to the banning of Talos worship, and the Imperial enforcement of such a ban. His attempts to find work with the Nordic guardsmen often met with stiff resistance. Those few jobs that he did get, often paid poorly. Eventually, Martz was dealing with suspicion from the Nords, and increasingly stiff resistance from bandits in the holds.

Shortly before the outbreak of the civil war, he met the Dunmer bounty hunter, Drenas Ervys, who invited him to join the bounty hunters' guild. Though he initially refused, the Imperial was relieved to have the option of joining.

Joining the guild 4E 201 Edit

Martz finally joined the guild shortly after Ja'Zhir'Mal took over the group. His skills were welcomed by the guild, though he preferred retrieval and rescue missions, rather than those that required a large amount of killing or violence. He was targeted by the Dark Brotherhood for foiling their plans more than once, until the groups eventual destruction in Skyrim.

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