Skirmish at Peak's Shade tower

Attacking Forces

Bloodlet Throne Coven

Defending Forces

Stormcloak Rebels

Attacking Commander

Vengar Vivarian

Defending Commander


Attacking Casualties


Defending Casualties

All rebels manning the tower


Peak's Shade Tower falls to Coven troops

Stormcloak supply line cut off.

Peak's Shade Tower eventually garrisoned by Coven forces.

                                                           Midway through the month of Hearthfire, the rebel troops garrisoning Peak's Shade tower in Falkreath hold were attacked and wiped out by forces from the Bloodlet Throne Coven. The Stormcloaks were using the tower to stockpile supplies, and as a rest point for rebel forces that entered the hold.

Prelude Edit

Troops lead by general Alric Stromma marched into Falkreath hold early in the month of Hearthfire, in 4E 201. They took the abandoned tower of Peak's Shade tower, and began using it as a stockpile for supplies and reinforcements. Stromma left fresh recruits behind to guard the tower, feeling that he needed his veterans for engagements with the Imperial troops deeper in the hold.

The vampires of the Bloodlet Throne Coven received news of this, although it had no major impact on Salthar Vivarians plans at the time, as his army avoided that area. Halfway through the month of Hearthfire, though, Vengar Vivarian was dispatched with a small force of skeletal warriors to take the hold and deprive the rebels of the supplies there.

The battle Edit

The battle itself was very short. The Coven forces caught the unblooded rebel recruits completely by surprise. Despite the fact that the rebels held the defensive position, Vengar ordered an all out assault against the tower. The Stormcloaks managed to slay a few skeletons, prompting the Altmer vampire to become engaged in the battle himself. He was lightly wounded by an arrow, but he and the rest of the skeletons overwhelmed the rebels. The defenders were cut down to the last man, leaving the tower firmly in the Covens hands. Vengar ordered his troops to rejoin the main army near Falkreath, and left to meet his brother upon hearing of the Imperial legion marching on the Bloodlet throne fortress. It was later garrisoned by a small force of vampires, though it was once again abandoned at the wars conclusion.