4E 155


Zho Saahl


Claw point


Several dozen


Chaotic Evil




Various evil aligned organizations.


Several 'good' factions

The Talons were a group of assassins and mercenaries, known for their skill and brutality. They operated throughout Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, High Rock, and Skyrim. They were founded in 4E 155, by the Breton Madrigor Venn. As of 4E 203, they were lead by the Imperial Zho Saahl.

They made their headquarters near Anvil, in a tower they named Claw point. The tower was located, like the city, on the gold coast. They were never a large band, but hired themselves out to whoever could pay. Because of their reputation, good and orderly aligned factions disdained them, but were unable to take action against them, as various entities were interested in keeping them in operation.

History Edit

"We are not warriors. A warrior always goes for the throat. The clean kill. We go for the legs. Then the hands. Then the eyes. We give them the slow, inevitable death." - Jagar Sevesk, explaining the difference between warriors and Talons.

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