The Flooded Flagon




Northern Falkreath Hold


Kerig Half-Foot

Services provided

Ales, Meads, meals.

The Flooded Flagon was a tavern in northern Falkreath hold, situated along the road leading to Whiterun hold. It was frequented by travelers, rangers, and guard patrols. The owner, Kerig Half-Foot, provided service to any who could pay, though bandits, and rogues often avoided the place, due to its close proximity to the main road leading to Whiterun hold.    

Geography Edit

The Flooded Flagon was located just west of lake Ilinalta, and a short distance east of the main road leading from Falkreath hold to the southern border of Whiterun hold.

Structure Edit

The tavern was a single story building, with one door, and one long, rectangular window, placed high on the wall, behind the bar. The building itself was made mostly of stone, with a thatched, wooden roof. Inside, the place held nearly a dozen round tables, with chairs ranging from two to four placed around them. A fireplace,also placed behind the bar, for cooking meals and providing a little light. Each table was lit by a candle, which provided enough illumination for patrons to see by.

Services offered Edit

The staff of the Flooded Flagon prepared various foods, though mostly seared slaughterfish and salmon steaks. Occasionally, the staff served roast chicken. Though the Flagon did not offer wine, it did provide several types of mead and ale, the most popular being the mead with juniper berry. Outside, the tavern provided a small stable, where travelers could keep their horses, for a small fee.

Staff Edit

The staff consisted of Kerig Half-Foot, a Nord male who claimed to have fought and been crippled in the civil war. He employed a pair of barmaids, and a stable boy.

Patronage Edit

Though Kerig wasn't picky about who he served, because of the proximity to the main road leading to Whiterun hold, bandits, thieves, and other rogues were a rarity. For the most part, travelers seeking to escape the rainy, foggy weather that plagued most of Falkreath hold. However, rangers often stopped at the tavern, as did guards from nearby villages.

Atmosphere Edit

The atmosphere in the tavern was generally quiet and peaceful, though it could get quite loud when occupied by groups of foot weary guardsmen. It was often a meeting place for those who didn't want to draw attention to themselves, as patrons often stayed only a few hours, perhaps for a meal and drink, before taking to the road once more.