The Skyrim Civil war started in 4E 201, and ended near the end of 4E 202, with a Stormcloak victory. However, the war

Skyrim Civil War


4E 201


4E 204, 15th of First Seed


Throughout Skyrim


Imperial victory, Skyrim becomes independent.

Major Battles

Siege of Whiterun

Battle of Dawnstar

Siege of fort Fellhammer

Battle of Valtheim towers

Battle of Hjaalmarch

Battle of Kynesgrove

Battle of Solitude

Battle of Windhelm

Attacking Forces

Imperial Fourth Legion

Imperial Fifth Legion

Forces of Solitude, Markarth, Falkreath, and Whiterun

Defending Forces

Stormcloak Rebels

Attacking Commanders

General Gaius Tullius

General Altus Kathalon

Legate Rikke

Legate Scipio

Several minor Imperial and Nordic officers.

Defending Commanders

Ulfric Stormcloak

Galmar Stone-Fist

Hjornir Ravenskaal

Several minor Nordic officers


General Gaius Tullius

Legate Rikke

Most officers of the Fourth Legion

Hundreds of Imperial soldiers

Hundreds of Stormcloak rebels

Galmar Stone-Fist

Hjornir Ravenskaal

most Stormcloak officers

several hundred civilians

reignited in mid 4E 203, after the assassination of Ulfric Stormcloak. The war was finally concluded in the first months of 4E 204, and Elisif the Fair was named high queen of Skyrim. This eventually lead to Skyrim becoming completely independent of the Empire by the end of the year.

History Edit

The civil war began when Ulfric Stormcloak, the jarl of Windhelm, entered the capital of Skyrim, Solitude, and killed the current High King, Torygg. The rebellion was sparked by the Stormcloaks, under Ulfric, believing that the Empire had betrayed Skyrim by following the white-gold concordant. The Imperials, in turn, labeled the Stormcloaks as traitors, for attempting to secede from the Empire, and because of Ulfrics' killing of the former High King.

In order to stop the rebels, the Imperial fourth legion, lead by general Tullius and legate Rikke, entered the province through the Pale Pass. The Imperial headquarters were set up Solitude, while the rebels held Windhelm as their own base of operations.

Within the first weeks of the conflict, the holds of Dawnstar and Riften had aligned themselves with the rebels. On the other hand, the holds of the Reach, Haafingar, and Falkreath allied with the Empire. Whiterun and Hjaalmarch holds, however, remained neutral for the first year of the war.

Opening moves Edit

While the fourth legion marched through Skyrims holds, and skirmished with rebel troops throughout Imperial aligned holds, the rebels encouraged dissent throughout those same holds. Though both sides were at full strength, neither faction was able to gain a significant advantage throughout the first months of the war.

Despite greater numbers and seemingly more disciplined soldiers, the Imperials were unable to bring a quick resolution to the conflict. This emboldened several smaller villages, to rebel. The most notable was the village of Halmir, which lead to several savage fights in Falkreath hold.

The Vampire War Edit

Main Article: The Vampire War

Before the rebellion could escalate into full scale war, the Bloodlet Throne Coven, under the leadership of Salthar and Vengar Vivarian, launched their war on the world of the living. The undead targeted both Imperial and Stormcloak forces, slaughtering most of the encampments and garrisons throughout Falkreath hold.

Despite the Imperial fifth legion arriving to reinforce the Imperials, the Coven posed enough of a threat to force a cease-fire between the Empire and the Stormcloaks, brokered by the Dawnguard. The allied forces eventually defeated the Coven at the battle of Karthspire. The war with the undead lasted until the first few months of 4E 202, when the vampires were declared defeated.

Civil War Edit

The war continued in late First Seed, with the siege of Whiterun by Stormcloak forces. However, the trade hub of the province wasn't as undefended as the rebels had hoped. Imperials spies had alerted jarl Balgruuf of Whiterun to the approaching Stormcloak army. This forced Balgruufs hand, and he placed the hold under Imperial jurisdiction. A nearby Imperial cohort reinforced the city. Although the battle was vicious, the rebels hadn't been expecting the Imperials, and were unable to take Whiterun, and were thus unable to secure a quick victory in the center of Skyrim.

However, the rebels found quick victories throughout the Pale, and defeated several Imperial attempts to push into the Stormcloak-aligned hold. Dawnstar became a main rallying point for the Stormcloaks, and many of them began to push towards Hjaalmarch.

The Imperial garrison, tasked with helping the reconstruction of Morthal, as the town had been mostly destroyed during the vampire war.