A timeline of events.Will be under constant construction.

4E 201 Edit

4E 201 , 20th of First Seed- Derek Starsong, along with dozens of other mortal men are abducted from their homes.

4E 201, 1st of Rains' Hand- The Bloodlet throne coven is created by Salthar and Vengar Vivarian. Construction on the fortress of the Bloodlet throne starts.

4E 201, 16th of Rains' Hand- Lucius Draconus comes into Skyrim as a mercenary looking for work. He clears out a Stormcloak camp, with a little help from Vengar Vivarian. After the fight, Lucius is recruited into the Bloodlet throne coven.

4E 201, 27th of Rains' Hand- Lucius Draconus, and a dozen other vampires move into the partially finished Bloodlet throne. Vengar Vivarian rides north, seeking fresh recruits.

4E 201, 2nd of Second Seed- The civil war in Skyrim begins. Salthar Vivarian visits the Bloodlet throne. Lucius Draconus informs him that the work on the fortress is going well.

4E 201, 3rd of Second Seed- Severus Valte and Alicia Corvyn are engaged.

4E 201, 7th of Second Seed- Derek Starsong and many of his fellow workers begin planning their escape from the Bloodlet throne.

4E 201, 12th of Second Seed- The knights of the Blazing sword become aware of the Bloodlet throne covens' existence. Knight-Commander Anton Carsus, and a dozen other knights make preparations to leave for Skyrim, against the lord-commanders wishes.

4E 201, 13th of Second Seed- The fortress of the Bloodlet throne is complete. Salthar Vivarian and the rest of the coven take up residence. Salthar is summoned to the Thalmor embassy.

4E 201, 15th of Second Seed- Knight- commander Anton Carsus and his companions arrive in Dawnstar. They quickly disguise themselves as members of the silver hand, to avoid scrutiny from the Stormcloaks.

4E 201, 17th of Second Seed- Salthar and Vengar Vivarian arrive at the Thalmor embassy. Salthar is commanded to kill general Simus Psyrakon. An Imperial Talos worshiper who escaped arrest in the Empire.

4E 201, 19th of Second Seed- Severus Valte leaves Dunsten to join the Empire in Skyrim, offering his skills as a healer.

4E 201, 24th of Second Seed- Salthar and Vengar arrive in the Reach. They enlist the aid of a local Forsworn warlord. Derek Starsong and his companions continue to plot their escape.

4E 201, 25th of Second Seed- The battle of the Stormcloak Reach fort. A force of Forsworn assault the fort, but are beaten back by the rebel troops under general Psyrakon.

-Ulfjar, one of the Nord workers, informed Lucius Draconus that an escape is planned.

4E 201, 26th of Second Seed- Escape from the Bloodlet throne. Derek Starsong and a group of fifty fellow workers attempt to escape the Bloodlet throne. They are confronted by Lucius and a group of vampires. A battle breaks out, with several vampires, and ten prisoners dying. Lucius is wounded when Derek and Tannis cause a horse drawn carriage to run into him, breaking his left leg and several ribs.

4E 201, 29th of Second Seed- Vengar Vivarian infiltrates the Stormcloak Reach fort, and bests Simus Psyrakon in personal combat, but is forced to retreat by the generals' men.

4E 201, 30th of Second Seed- Vengar returns to Markarth, unsuccessful, at the same time Salthar receives news of the escape from the Bloodlet throne. The brothers leave Markarth that day.

4E 201, 6th of Mid Year- Lucius Draconus describes the battle to Salthar Vivarian, and begs permission to hunt down and kill Derek Starsong and his companions. Salthar instead sends him to Cyrodiil, to serve as a spy, and recruit additional numbers for the coven.

4E 201, 7th of Mid Year- Lucius takes the name of Damien Pycus, and moves into the late lord Pycus' manor. There he meets the necromancer, Adolphus Rook.

-Knight- commander Carsus prepares to lure Salthar Vivarian into a trap, and kill him. The plan nearly succeeds, but Vengar Vivarian follows his brother, killing the knights, and Carsus himself.

4E 201, 15th of Mid Year- Slaughter at Driftshade Refuge. Vengar Vivarian assaults the Silver Hand refuge of Driftshade Refuge. Despite being outnumbered, he cuts through the werewolf hunters, leaving their corpses as a warning against the hunters, believing them to be responsible for the attempt on Salthar Vivarians life.

4E 201, 23rd of Suns' Height- Derek Starsong and his fellow prisoners reach fort Dawnguard, and are accepted into the organization by Isran.

4E 201, 13th of Last Seed- Duros Kaast, newly appointed as the inquisitor of the Bloodlet Throne, begins tracking the escaped prisoners. He discovers they are headed towards the Rift.

4E 201, 15th of Last Seed- General Altus Kathalon and the Imperial fifth legion arrive in Falkreath hold. Marcus Threnial, posing as an Imperial scout, infiltrates the legion, and begins feeding the general false information.

-In the Rift, Caiden is slain, and Iliria Vale finally gives into her more savage nature, slaughtering her mentors' murderers.

4E 201, 20th of Last Seed- The Vampire Wars begin. The gates to the Bloodlet Throne are thrown open, and a thousand vampires, with thousands more lesser undead march out into Falkreath hold.

-Veridas Ashheart is recruited by the Coven a day later.

4E 201, 24th of Last Seed- Fort Neugrad falls to an army of undead lead by Salthar and Vengar Vivarian. All across Falkreath hold, Imperial and Stormcloak camps alike are wiped out by the Covens' army.

4E 201, 30th of Last Seed- Lucius Draconus recruits the Imperial garrison at fort Sungard, and turns them into vampires. The newly turned vampires merge with Draconus' army, and march on the Reach.

4E 201, 1st of Hearth Fire- Imperials of the fifth legion come across slaughtered Imperial and Stormcloak camps. Word reaches general Kathalon that the garrison at fort Neugrad has been destroyed, and the garrison at fort Sungard has defected. The general and his officers begin to suspect a third faction is involved in the war.

-A Stormcloak force, under general Stromma, arrive in Falkreath hold, with orders to relieve the rebellious village of Halmir. However, a large Imperial force is waiting for them, and engage the rebel troops, resulting in heavy casualties. The Stormcloak general panics, and retreats, leaving Valdmir Iceclaw as the commanding officer.

4E 201, 11th of Hearth Fire- Another engagement is fought over Halmir bridge, between the forces of Valdmir Iceclaw and the Imperials. Against all odds, the Stormcloaks fight the Imperial troops to a standstill. However, rebel scouts report a legion of Imperial troops on the march. Iceclaw and his troops retreat, and meet up with Thorygg Sun-Killer. The Stormcloaks retreat to the village of Riverwood.

-General Kathalon and the fifth legion begin making their way to the Bloodlet throne, having received news that a large force of vampires have made it their home.

4E 201, 12th of Hearth Fire-Stormcloak forces attempt to establish a foothold on the edge of Falkreath hold. However, Vengar Vivarian assaults the small garrison, mostly fresh recruits, and wipes them out. Vengar returns to Salthars' main army, to warn him, once receiving news of the Imperials' movement .Falkreath hold surrenders to the Coven, on the condition that no undead garrisons are stationed in Falkreath itself, or any villages and towns, and that Sidgeir is allowed to maintain his rule of the hold.

4E 201, 13th of Hearth Fire- Battle of Riverwood. Imperial troops assault the village, meeting Stormcloak resistance. Unknown to either side, the Coven army lead by Salthar Vivarian, crosses the river near the village. As the Stormcloaks retreat to the village center, the undead attack. Thorygg Sun-Killer is slain in the defence. The last of the rebel troops retreat out of the village, heading for Whiterun hold. The Coven army withdraws, leaving the Imperials in charge of Riverwood.

4E 201, 27th of Hearth Fire- Kharkov Darkstones' forces encounter a large Falmer hive underneath the Hjaalmarch mountains. They take relatively light losses, before wiping out the hive and moving to the surface. There, they prepare to attack the capital of the hold, Morthal.

-Two days later, the Dawnguard finally begin marshalling against the threat of the Coven.

4E 201, 1st of Frostfall- Darkstones' army attacks Morthal. The unwalled town falls by the end of the day.

4E 201, 5th of Frostfall- After several weeks of relatively light resistance, Lucius Draconus army meets heavy resistance from Stormcloak, Imperial, and Forsworn tribes. The Coven offensive in the Reach grinds to a halt. Battles of attrition gradually grind down the undead forces, leaving them with little choice but to raid the small villages in the Reach, in order to enhance their numbers. Draconus is forces to seek alternative solutions to taking the Reach. He leaves with a small force of mounted vampires, and Varnus Kohl is left in charge of the army.

4E 201, 14th of Frostfall- A Stormcloak force razes the Cyrodiilic village of Dunsten. A day later, Severus Valte arrives at his home, finding his friends and family slaughtered. He also encounters Lucius Draconus, who offers him vampirism, and the promise of vengeance. Valte accepts.

- Farmers and villagers in southern Cyrodiil go missing. Days later, human remains are found outside their homes, missing body parts. Imperial patrols in the region increase.

4E 201, 29th of Frostfall- With arguments from the Dawnguard, the Imperials and Stormcloaks agree to an alliance. Along with the Dawnguard, they march on the Reach, planning to force the Vampires into a battle.

4E 201, 10th of Sun's Dusk- Battle of Helgen. The Goldbloods, a Coven unit under the command of Nirana Loeraith arrive at the town of Helgen. Having received jarl Sidgeirs orders, the local guardsmen throw open the gates and lay down their weapons. The Imperial garrison however, refuses to surrender, and retreat to their barracks. They are forced out, however, when the vampires set fire to the barracks, and a bloody street fight ensues, with the Coven troops ultimately victorious.

-Near the Reach, the Coven army under Salthar Vivarian crushes a small army of allies. Upon interrogating a member of the Dawnguard, the vampires learn that the Imperials and Stormcloaks have allied against them.

- The disappearances are revealed to be the work of a vicious bandit gang, known as the Blood Reavers. Imperial troops sent after them disappear without a trace.

4E 201, 24th of Sun's Dusk- Allied defence in the Reach begins to falter, and the Coven forces begin to make progress towards Markarth once more. Allied scouts are ambushed by Coven soldiers, and only a few return to their army. Ulfjar is sent to misinform the Coven about the allies movements. He allows himself to be captured by Coven forces, and is interrogated, then executed by lord Vivarian.

4E 201, 5th of Evening Star- Duros Kaast is sent to take the village of Karthwasten from allied troops. After a short battle, the vampires are triumphant. By the fifth of the month, heavy snows and cold take their toll on the mercenary troops in the Covens' employ, and the allies alike. The Coven armies move towards Markarth, intending to besiege and take the city before the allies catch them.

- The Blood Reavers, still unchecked, have a large bounty posted on them.

4E 201, 9th of Evening Star- The allied army are forced to march after the Covens' forces, while general Tullius and the fourth legion move to intercept the vampires. Unfortunately, vicious storms in the north mean the Galmar Stone-fists army is delayed, and unable to join the allied forces under generals Iceclaw and Kathalon. However, Stone-Fists troops manage to make up much time, marching at speed throughout the night.

4E 201, 10th of Evening Star- General Tullius' army succeeds in reaching Markarth ahead of the Coven. With the Allies coming up quickly behind them, the vampires are forced to turn and fight. They take a position with their rear to the Karth river. The battle of Karthspire begins. Despite being outnumbered, the Coven army manages to hold off the allies for many hours. The allied commanders receive word of another Coven army advancing to intercept Galmar Stone-Fist and his reinforcements.

-With little choice left, generals Kathalon, Iceclaw, and Isran of the Dawnguard, lead a cavalry charge against Salthar Vivarian and his Blackguard. After a lengthy duel, Salthar Vivarian is stabbed through the chest, and falls into the Karth river, though not before killing legate Hadrian Ilnius. The tide of the battle turns definitively in the allies favour. Vengar Vivarian flees the battle, and Lucius Draconus orders a full retreat as Galmar Stone-Fists army arrives. Kharkov Darkstone and his forces arrive in time to see the Coven troops rout. Upon learning of Vivarians' death, he and his army abandon the lesser undead with them, and, unable to join with the forces of Lucius Draconus, flee into the Druadach mountains.

4E 201, 13th of Evening Star- The allies meet in Markarth. Though the Covens' main armies are defeated, the vampires still hold many areas in Hjaalmarch, The Pale, and Falkreath hold itself. Generals Tullius, Kathalon, and Iceclaw agree to maintain their alliance, until the last of the areas under Coven control are liberated.

-Vengar Vivarian finds his brother, with guidance of a scroll bestowed upon him before the battle. They leave for Alinor.

-Jarl Sidgeir betrays the Coven, and his men turn on the vampire forces still in his hold. He also sends a message to the allies, requesting aid.

4E 202, 1st of Morning Star- A battle is fought between the remnants of Lucius Draconus' army and the vanguard of the allied forces. Though the vampires are victorious, they suffer heavy casualties, and retreat back to the Bloodlet Throne. Meanwhile, Varnus Kohl,continues to oversee raids in the Pale, and Eastmarch holds, disrupting supply trains and ambushing patrols there.

4E 202, 11th of Morning Star- Allied patrols are unable to locate Vivarians body, leading Kathalon to suspect the vampire lord is not dead. Karthwasten is nearly destroyed after the newly appointed legate Scipio orders the Imperial battle mages to burn the vampires and prisoners alike. Duros Kaast and a handful of sorcerers escape. The Forsworn tribes, believing the threat of the vampires ended, abandon the alliance, returning to their camps.

4E 202, 24th of Morning Star- Lucius Draconus' leadership is challenged by several Coven officers. However, his right to lead is confirmed by Duros Kaast, who leaves the fortress shortly after arriving, on a mission given to him by lord Vivarian.

- The Nord bounty hunters, Gelek Haines and Kerej Njoll kill the leader of the Blood Reavers, Biralian Nereyin. The group dissolves shortly after.

4E 202, 26th of Morning Star- Knight-Enchanter Gardain returns from Skyrim, after confirming the death of Knight-Commander Carsus. Varnus Kohl destroys a small army of militia from Dawnstar, before having them reanimated and sent against the city. Battle of Dawnstar.

4E 202, 1st of Sun's Dawn- Duros Kaast arrives in Wayrest, High Rock, on the trail of a powerful mage, who he hopes to recruit. He leaves the city shortly after discerning the direction the mage went.

-The Paladins of Arkay are formed. Within days of their formation, groups of Paladins are seen roaming Skyrim and Cyrodiil, zealously hunting the Coven and any other evil doers they come across.

-Jeth La'ralle, Dunmer information broker, mercenary, and merchant, acquires plans for fort Snowstone. He gets word to the Coven and sets up a meeting in the Rift.

4E 202, 7th of Sun's Dawn- Veridas Ashheart is sent to meet with Jeth La'ralle, and receives the plans for fort Snowstone, though he's not aware of it. The assassin also learns that La'ralle is selling information to the Dawnguard, as well. The Dunmer also implies that the Coven may not be as defeated as everyone assumes.