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Neutral Evil


Bounty Hunters Guild

Va'Shavra was a Khajiit assassin and bounty hunter, who worked for the Empire of Tamriel during the Skyrim Civil War. After the defeat of the Empire in Skyrim she was hired by the Bloodlet Throne Coven, and hunted surviving members of the Dawnguard, after the groups base was destroyed in 4E 203. Though she preferred to work alone, she did participate in a mission alongside several other bounty hunters to infiltrate the manor of Henrek the Butcher in 4E 205.

She had contacts with most of the Khajiit caravans in Skyrim and other nearby provinces. She was also associated with Bounty Hunters Guild, and was on good terms with the head of the guild. She was forced to leave Skyrim when the Whitescar brotherhood came looking for her and ended up in southern Cyrodiil.

Civil War Edit

"Move. Or this one will take the other eye." Va'Shavra to Stormcloak commander,Ulram Crowbane

The Khajiit assassin entered Skyrim during the peak of the civil war going on between the Empire of Tamriel and the Stormcloak Rebellion. She judged that the pay offered by the Imperials was better, and that the more organized army was the most likely to succeed. Her first job saw her ambushing the Stormcloak commander in the Rift, Ulram Crowbane, while he was enroute to the Stormcloak camp there. She eliminated his entire escort, and disarmed the commander. She escorted him to the Imperial camp at the border of the Rift, and began a career of capturing or eliminating high ranking Stormcloak officers.

Despite being employed by the Empire, Va'Shavra did not participate in the Vampire war, and was, therefore, ignored by the Coven when it returned to power in 4E 203. The assassin continued to work for the Empire until its' defeat. The Stormcloaks quickly consolidated power, and started hunting for her. She managed to evade the victorious rebels, and was taken in by the bounty hunters guild. She took on many bounties, including several that brought her to the attention of the head of the guild. The two got on fairly well, though the woman never formally joined the hunters.


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