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Lawful Evil


Bloodlet Throne coven

Vengar Vivarian was an Altmer vampire, and the brother of Salthar Vivarian. He assisted his brother in removing the vampires in the ruined fort of the Bloodlet Throne. He was known as one of the more violent members of the coven. He was an extremely capable warrior, easily overwhelming most enemies.

Biography Edit

Early Years 4E 06-4E 116 Edit

Vengar Vivarian was born on the island of Skywatch,in 4E 06, into Altmer nobility. Vengar was very close to his older brother, looking up to him for many of his decisions. However, unlike his brother, Vengar did not show much interest in the arcane arts. Instead, he was fascinated by martial prowess of Aldmeri soldiers.

In 4E 25,shortly after the Thalmor began a legitimate force, Vengar began his training with the Aldmeri military at the same time as his brother, Salthar. Like his brother, he was encouraged to seek the Thalmors good graces. Though Vengar was not immediately recruited, he too was watched by Thalmor operatives. When he graduated the military academy, he was appointed to a unit of Aldmeri soldiers in the capital of the Somerset Isles. For the first years of his posting, Vengar saw very little action. Though he believed the Thalmors claim that they would become the ruling power in the Dominion, he was impatient.

When the Thalmor finally initiated their bloody coup, Vengar followed Salthars lead, joining with other Thalmor forces to overthrow the loyalists in the capital. He survived through several days of heavy fighting, showing knowledge of tactics, though he preferred to fight in the front lines. After the Thalmor installed themselves as the ruling government, Vengar was recruited into the organization, and promoted to the rank of captain in the army. By 4E 116, he'd stopped several pirate raids, and put down over half a dozen uprisings.

The Great War 4E 171-4E 175 Edit

"The Blades might have been great once, but they got used to power. Used to the protection provided by the Empire. It's time that protection ended." - Vengar Vivarian, on the Blades.

Vengars unit was tasked with eliminating agents of the Blades in and around the capital of Alinor. Vengar took this as a personal challenge. He personally fought and killed four Blades during 4E 171, and oversaw the capture and execution of countless others. Sometime during this time, he grew to enjoy the unique challenge each Blade agent represented. When the Thalmor verified that the Isles had been cleared of the agents, he expressed disappointment, and hope that he would encounter others.

When the war finally broke out, Vengars company was assigned to the battalion under Salthar Vivarian. Together, they served in lord Naarifiins army, and were charged with taking the northern city of Bravil. Though he was lesser in rank than his brother, he quickly gained a reputation as a dedicated and ruthless officer.

He, along with his brother, returned to Alinor after the disastrous battle of Red Ring road. He too resigned his commission, and joined Salthar when his brother departed for Skyrim.

Civil War 4E 201 - 4E 202 Edit

Vengar was Salthars right hand man throughout the formation of the Bloodlet throne coven. He also supervised the building of the fortress that would become the covens base of operations. For the most part though, Vengar remained at Salthars side, serving as an adviser and bodyguard. One of his other purposes was to serve as an enforcer. Vengars heavily armoured form and vicious fighting style often cowed enemies into submission.

On several occasions, he took on much larger groups of enemies, and emerged victorious.The most notable of these is the slaughter at Driftshade refuge. He also was part of a Thalmor plot to assassinate the Stormcloak general Simus Psyrakon.

When the Order of the Blazing Sword attempted to assassinate Salthar Vivarian, Vengar arrived barely in time to save his brother. This inspired him to form the Blackguard, an elite unit of vampires handpicked and trained by himself and Lucius Draconus.

When Salthar revealed the coven, Vengar lead attacks against Stormcloak camps and fortifications, carving his way through their ranks. He joined Salthar at Karthspire, and fought the combined Imperial and Stormcloak forces assembled against them. When Salthar appeared to be cut down, Vengar fought his way free of the battle, and disappeared for several months.

After the war Edit

Vengar had, in reality, fled to the Somerset Isles with Salthar. He later returned to Skyrim with the leader of the Bloodlet Throne. Though he disagreed with Salthars more discreet approach to the conquest of Skyrim, he still followed, and ensured loyalty to the lord of the coven. In the closing days of the shadow war between the Dawnguard and the Bloodlet Throne, Vengar lead forces to destroy several Dawnguard outposts, and then participated in the final battle of fort Dawnguard.

He also helped set up the trap that lured the Breton assassin, Veridas Ashheart, to the Bloodlet Throne. When the assassin betrayed the coven, Vengar fought with him, though he was defeated. Several months later, news reached the Bloodlet throne of disappearances in the swamps near Morthal. Suspecting rogue vampires, Vengar was dispatched to investigate. Though he found no actual vampires, he did find corpses that bore marks of restraints and bites.

When Salthar left the Bloodlet throne to investigate the disappearances near Falkreath in Hearthfire of 4E 205, Vengar worked with Lucius Draconus, to keep the coven running. During the northern crisis in 4E 207, Vengar lead Bloodlet throne forces against Brotherhood advance scouts. When the Blight finally emerged a year later, Vengar fought on the walls of the Bloodlet throne, repelling hordes of Corpsers and Slayers.

As the war came to a close, Vengar heard rumours of a mysterious 'Circle of Nine' that was operating in Cyrodiil. In addition, a group calling themselves the 'Chosen' members of the cult of Molag Bal, emerged in Skyrim and began attacking coven agents. Vengar sent word to Salthar, who immediately returned to the Bloodlet throne in order to begin waging another shadow war against their foe.

Personality and traits Edit

"He's a mortal. He'll die like everyone else when I put an axeblade in his skull."

Vengar Vivarian was a violent individual. He enjoyed the fight nearly as much as he enjoyed winning it. He often threw himself into dangerous situations, and was often seen as a psychopath by both allies and enemies. Rather than shy away from this, he embraced it, using his fearsome reputation to inspire fear in enemies. He often taunted his foes while he fought them, goading them into a rage, or demoralizing them. He scorned diplomacy, stating on many occasions that it would be simpler, or perhaps kill whoever it was the discussion was taking place with.

Despite this, Vengar cared deeply for his brother, so much so that he put himself in great danger to rescue him. He was a loyal and dedicated officer in the Aldmeri Dominion, even if he tired of regulations at times. He never shied from 'doing what needed to be done', even when others found the task distasteful, or below them. He despised both the vampires that served Molag Bal and Lycanthropes, though he admitted to admiring the latters raw strength.

He was proven to be nostalgic at times, often reminiscing about 'the good old days' when the enemy wore a uniform and were wildly incompetent. It's safe to assume he meant the Imperial soldiers, and the lack of a swift response to the Dominions sudden invasion. Vengar was fairly perceptive as well, often knowing what was on the minds of his underlings or brother before they spoke of it. He saw Lucius Draconus as something as a rival in terms of physical ability. He had a deep distrust of the assassin, Veridas Ashheart, and after the Bretons' betrayal, went out of his way to hunt him down.

Abilities Edit

Flight- Vengar had the ability to fly, like most ranking members of the coven. However, he rarely used this power.

Shadow Form- Vengar is capable of dissolving into a shadowy figure, able to get where most can't, and avoid physical harm.

Chill- Mortals near Vengar feel an unnatural chill

Quell- Vengar has the ability to diminish, or outright extinguish most flames.

Magical Abilities- Besides a limited knowledge of necromancy, Vengar is rather lacking in magical skills. He more than makes up for this, however, in melee prowess.

Swordsmanship- Vengar mixes the styles of a berserker, and a conventional warrior to devastating effect. He rushes into battle, ravaging the first enemies he comes across. Then, he engages the survivors with a combination of axe strikes and usage of the spikes on his armour.

Possessions Edit

A pair of elven war axes- A pair of axes Vengar has had in his possession since before the Great war. He is very skilled in using both weapons in tandem. Either to overwhelm a single enemy, or to battle several at once.

Darksteel Armour- A set of heavy armour that's a mix between ebony and orcish armour. Extremely resilient, and due to the sharp spikes on the gauntlets and shoulder pieces, dangerous.

Blades sword- The weapon of the first Blade agent Vengar ever slew in combat. He doesn't use the weapon in battle, instead keeping it as a souvenir in his quarters.

Physical Appearance Edit

Vengar was slightly shorter than his brother, Salthar, though he was still considerably taller than most humans. He was slightly more thickset than typical Altmer. Due to years of training and combat, Vengar was more visible muscular than most Altmer. He had several scars on his torso and limbs, though his face was free of such wounds. His eyes, like his brothers, were a yellow-gold, which became flecked with crimson. His hair contrasted the most with his brothers. Instead of pitch black, his hair was a pale blonde, that reached halfway down his neck.