Veridas Ashheart








(Father)Unknown mage. (Mother) Serena Ashheart






175 lbs.


Lawful Evil


The Bloodlet Throne coven (formerly)

The Outsiders

Veridas Ashheart was a Breton male assassin. He was born in Jehenna, and raised by his single mother. After his mothers untimely death at the hands of his mage father, he found a freelance assassin, who taught him swordsmanship, stealth, and the crafting of poisons.

After leaving Jehenna and Highrock behind, he became a dangerous assassin, working for the highest bidder. He made a small fortune working for petty lords in Cyrodiil, before heading to Skyrim. In 4E 201, he took a contract to assassinate Salthar Vivarian. He failed, and ended up in service to the Bloodlet throne coven. He killed for the vampires until 4E 203.

Early Years 4E 173-4E 190 Edit

Veridas Ashheart was the son of a mage, and a peasant woman, living in the slums of Jehenna, High Rock. He was born in 4E 173, and raised solely by his mother. When he was ten years old, his father returned, leading a group of mages through the city. Serena, his mother, recognized her lover and confronted him. Embarrassed to be seen scolded by a common peasant, the mage murdered Serena in cold blood. Veridas witnessed the murder, though he could do nothing to stop it.

After his mothers death, he swore vengeance on the mage that had murdered her, and his companions. He wandered Jehenna as a starving orphan, stealing and begging to survive. Eventually, he came across a freelance assassin, and persuaded him to take him on as an apprentice. The assassin agreed, and Veridas began learning the art of stealth killing and poison brewing.

He served as an apprentice for seven years, and eventually began going on jobs with the assassin. He became as skilled at killing as his teacher, and built up a reputation for himself in the city and surrounding villages. When a job went bad and his mentor was killed, Veridas was forced to flee the city.

Freelance 4E 191-4E 201 Edit

After leaving the city, Veridas began to ply his trade in the other Breton holdings. Soon he became feared across High Rock, with lords competing amongst each other to secure his services. Though he offered to kill for whoever could afford him, he remembered his vow. He searched high and low for his father the mage. While on his travels across High Rock, he came to the conclusion that all mages were self centered and corrupt as his father was, furthering his hatred for them.

He began to take jobs targeting mages, even if the pay was low. Eventually, word reached Veridas' father, who lead a small group of spell casters to kill the assassin. Veridas picked the mages off, one by one, until he had his father alone. He revealed his identity as the mans son, before killing the mage.

Having fulfilled his promise, he left High Rock. For the next several years, he worked among the provinces of the Empire, often crossing paths with the Dark Brotherhood, who resented his 'stealing' of contracts. Despite this, Veridas made no attempt to hide his identity, and made a small fortune working for the nobles and lords of the Empire.

The Bloodlet throne 4E 201-4E 203 Edit

"Okay, old man. I'll take the job." - Veridas Ashheart, accepting the contract on Salthar Vivarian.

On the twenty-first of Last Seed,4E 201, Veridas Ashheart arrived in Skyrim, Falkreath hold. The conflict had drawn him there, and he hoped to make gold working for both the Stormcloaks and the Imperials. Before he could approach either faction, he was approached by an elderly man in the towns tavern, the dead mans' drink. The man spoke of a powerful vampiric sorcerer, living in an abandoned fortress in the mountains near Falkreath. He offered the assassin a great sum of money, should Veridas kill the vampire.

Spurred on by his hatred of magic users, and eagerness to make coin, the assassin agreed. He made his way to the Bloodlet throne during the day, planning to kill the vampire while he was weak. Unfortunately for Veridas, he was expected. The vampiric sorcerer, Salthar Vivarian, had heard of Veridas' skills, and wanted to bring the assassin into his service. Veridas attempted to carry out his contract, but was defeated by Salthars guard. Though Vengar Vivarian was in favour of killing the Breton, Salthar spared his life, on the condition he work for the Bloodlet throne.

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