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Virani Snowvane, later known as Virani Vivarian, was born in the capital of the Somerset Isles, Alinor, in 4E 88. She was lacking in most magical areas, but was proven skilled in infiltration. She was assigned to the Aldmeri intelligence service. After the Great War, she was sent to Skyrim, where, between 4E 175 and 4E 180, she was transformed into a vampire, though it is possible she was one before. In 4E 180, she met Salthar Vivarian, a Thalmor Justiciar hunting Talos worshipers in Falkreath hold. She was murdered by a group of several Nordic followers of Molag Bal in 4E 198.

Biography Edit

Early Years 4E 88-4E 143 Edit

Virani Snowvane was born in the capital city of the Aldmeri Dominion, Alinor. Her mother was a single parent, after her father died in a skirmish with pirates. Unlike most Altmer children, Virani had surprisingly little skill in any school of magic. This earned her the taunting of most of her peers, and many of her instructors looked down on her. Because of this, Virani became withdrawn, and had few friends. Though the Thalmor had been in power for more than ten years when Virani was born, she became fascinated with them. Especially with the ruthless efficiency that they put down insurrections on the isles down with. Though she lacked the magical power the Thalmor prized, she was accepted into the military arm of the Thalmor sponsored academy at the age of 25.

She spent the next five years in the academy, learning how to fight and kill in combat. Though her combat skills were adequate, her instructors were more impressed with her ability to outsmart and outflank her opponent in hand to hand training. She was removed from the standard Aldmeri training regime, and introduced to the world of assassination and espionage. She spent another three years there, learning the best way to mix poisons, infiltrate stronghold, and eliminate enemy commanders. She graduated the academy as one of the top members of the class.

She was assigned to the city of Dusk for several years. There, she infiltrated and assisted in the destruction of several anti-Thalmor groups. Years later, when the Thalmor were preparing to launch their war on the Empire, she was assigned to hunt down several Blades agents on the Somerset Isles. By 4E 171, she'd accounted for over half a dozen Blades agents.

The War 4E 171- 4E 175 Edit

During the war between the Aldmeri Dominion, and the Empire, Virani traveled with a special unit of Altmer and Khajiit intelligence operatives. Virani was one of the leading members of the unit, due to her experience with stealth and infiltration operations. During the first months of the war, she, along with several others would pose as Imperial citizens fleeing from the invading Dominion.

Once inside a fortress or city, Virani and her companions would set about neutralizing the effectiveness of the local garrison. Though they avoided outright blade work, as that would alert the Imperials, they utilized various poisons. In addition, they caused smaller, less lethal problems. Lighting food warehouses on fire, killing livestock that had been brought inside the walls, and even simple vandalism.

When Aldmeri forces arrived at these locations, the defenders were almost always ill prepared for a siege or drawn out fighting. Virani drew the praise of many Dominion commanders, though her successes meant she was marked her for death by the Empire. She managed to avoid capture for the duration of the war, and fled back to Alinor after the Dominion and Empire signed the White-Gold concordant.

Skyrim 4E 176-4E 198 Edit

After the war, Virani was assigned to the tundra province of Skyrim. There, her mission was very similar to that of the Thalmor justiciars. However, instead of rounding up random Talos worshipers, she was to keep an aye on the Jarls and thanes of the various holds. If she found proof of 'heresy', she was ordered to eliminate, or otherwise remove from power her target. For most of her stay in Skyrim, she was very successful. Unfortunately for her,the assassination of a particularly influential Thane had a small army of mercenaries hunting for her. Sometime during her time in Skyrim, she was bitten by a vampire. She turned, though she somehow managed to keep her independence from Molag Bal.

Fleeing to Falkreath, she laid low for several months, until the mercenaries gave up their hunt. There she remained, keeping an eye out for Talos worship, but much warier, due to her vampirism. Many of her own kind had a rather dim outlook on the affliction, so Viranis reports back to Alinor became farther apart. While in Falkreath hold, Virani noticed a definite drop in Talos worship among the common populace.

Several weeks later, she was encountered by Salthar Vivarian. She'd fed on a group of worshipers Vivarian and his justiciars had been tracking, though she'd disposed of the bodies too well for her fellow Altmer to find them. She identified herself to Salthar as a Thalmor spy. Salthar escorted her back to Falkreath, though he didn't send a message out to verify her identity.

The pair of them grew close over the course of a year. Eventually, Virani revealed that she was a vampire to Salthar in private. Despite his surprise, he remained with her, and several months later, they married. Shortly after this, she turned Salthar into one of the undead, so that they might spend eternity together. The pair lived, for the most part, peacefully just outside Falkreath. Until Molag Bal discovered them.

Death and legacy. Edit

Virani and Salthar lived, a short distance from the . Rather than prey on the villagers of Falkreath, they hunted bandits and Talos worshipers. Molag Bal discovered their existence, and was enraged by their refusal to worship him as did most other vampires. Unknown to both Virani and Salthar, a small cult of Molag Bal worshipers dwelt in Falkreath as well.

Their leader was a well known warrior by the name of Farkas Grim-axe. Upon receiving instructions from the Daedric lord, Grim-axe set about planning to slay the pair of rogue vampires. The cult was not particularly large, a dozen strong. Knowing that it was unlikely twelve men could kill two well fed and wary vampires, he set about bribing the local guardsmen and setting a watch on the couples home.

When Salthar left on Thalmor business, Farkas and his men lured Virani out, in daylight. On the main road leading into Falkreath, the cultists ambushed her, and cut her down. To ensure she was dead, and to send a message to Salthar, Farkas had his men hack and slash her body. Grim-axe himself returned to Falkreath, trusting his men to dispose of Salthar after the Altmer sorcerer came across his wife.

Unfortunately for the cultists, Salthar returned earlier than expected, coming across the group while they were were still gathered around the body. Through their ranks, he recognized his wife, and flew into a rage. The surprised cultists were slaughtered, all save for one, who Salthar tortured for information. The same night, Salthar killed several guardsmen, and Farkas himself.

Viranis death had a severe effect on Salthar. Despite being a loyal member of the Thalmor, he'd held no hatred toward the Nordic people in general. In fact, he'd admired the tenacity of the Nordic legions in the battle of Red Ring road. This changed after Viranis death. He turned his brother into one of the undead, and with him, hunted down and slaughtered Talos worshipers and those merely suspected of harbouring heretics. He began to see Nords as nothing more than savage barbarians, and treated them as such.

Also, he vowed to fight against Molag Bal and bring ruin to his minions. Towards this end, he and his brother killed the vampires dwelling in the ruined fort, the Bloodlet Throne. The pair of them moved into the fort, and began building their coven from there. As a testament to his love for her, he kept the wedding band, and bestowed a fair amount of power into it. When Salthar battled the entity on Alinor, he used his memories of her to stop it from dominating his mind.