Eye colour

Dark red

Fur colour

Steel grey

Skin colour





200 Lbs


Able to use Illusion magic to mimic others.

Extremely fast and strong.

Excellent hearing, and eyesight.

Immune to silver


Cults of the Daedric princes

Wyrdwolves, also known as Bonewolves, Greyskins, or wolfghouls, Wyrdwolves were extremely dangerous lycan-like creatures that were created to hunt and kill vampires of the Bloodlet throne coven. They stood over two metres tall, and were covered in fine, grey hair. They were created by the allied Daedric cults, sometime in 4E 214.

Biology and appearance Edit

Wyrdwolves, though slightly lycanthropic in their gait and appearance, they were very different. They had skeletal, emaciated faces, that lead some to believe they were extremely large ghouls. Their arms were long , above average length, with hands, and long fingers, tipped with wickedly curving claws.

They had broad, heavily muscled chests, and long canine-like legs. They lacked a tail, and their ears were vaguely human like, though they tapered to a point near the top. They had a thick, wide jaw with a mouth full of short, sharp fangs. Their eyes were wider than the average human.

They were able to withstand severe wounds, and could regenerate, almost as fast as vampires. In addition, they were immune to the effects of silver, unlike lycans and vampires. A Wyrdwolf could run as fast as Lycan, though on two legs, and was capable of climbing almost vertical surfaces.

Behaviour Edit

Unlike lycans, and wolves in general, Wyrdwolves were generally solitary hunters.